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A Clock in a Basement Bar

When we first purchased this home a large part of the appeal was the home’s huge basement. It was unfinished but my husband and I had grand ideas about finishing this room and making a fun playroom/rec room with a wall to wall bar. Of course, life got in the way of those plans and just prior to being in the house ten years we finally began work on the basement. The final result was beyond what either of us could have ever imagined. The bar really is amazing – wall to wall deep mahogany wood, a flat screen television mounted in the corner of the room, and even beer on tap!

Decorating this room became something really fun for us to do. We went from shop to shop and also did quite a bit of online shopping to find everything from the bar stools to the glasses. We were able to find some really fun pieces and have created a getaway right in our own house.

The piece that really topped everything off, however, was a clock I found for my husband. I found it online through this amazing clock supplier; their selection was unbelievable and I was thrilled to see that they had so many unique pieces from which to choose.

We had discussed having a clock above the bar but hadn’t found anything we both liked. But through this site I found an amazing wall clock engraved with the brand of my husband’s favorite beer. This was way beyond some cheesy bar clock; it was an absolutely beautiful piece with deep, rich wood, intricate lettering and numbers, and an authenticity that made you feel as though you were stepping into a pub.

Needless to say, my husband loved it. And he really loved the website when I showed him where I found the clock. Now maybe I’ll get that grandfather clock I’ve had my eye on!

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