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Clocks Blog is proud to highlight the widely used but not well known term clockes, whether we are talking about grandfather clockes and wall clockes and mantel clockes and atomic clockes.  Even antique clockes including antique grandfather clockes, antique wall clockes and antique mantel clockes.  Talking about the same clocks, but shown with an alternate spelling.

While we deal in antique clockes of all varieties, including antique grandfather clocks, grandmother clockes, atomic clocks, wall clocks, regulators, neon clockes, novelty clockes, astrolabiums, congreve clocks, telleriums, new grandfather clockes by Howard Miller Clock Companymand those Ridgeway Grandfather Clockes and Kieninger Clocks and Americana Grandfather Clockes, not to mention the Hermle Grandfather Clockes collection.

We are known as both America’s Top Clock Shop™ and America’s Top Grandfather Clocks Shop™ .  Perhaps we should also trademark Americas Top Clocke Shop™ and Americas Top Grandfather Clockes Shop™.  Better sooner rather than later!  We have seen this alternate spelling for clockes, or clocks, the world over, and yet even we are not sure where it originated. Anyone who has any knowledge on this clock fact and would care to share would make us and our clocks blog readers very appreciative.  Our best sense, as the author of this post is quite familiar with the clock world, especially in both North America and Britain and the United Kingdom, our best is that it is a spelling used in a non-English language.  Does not make it any less interesting for someone who is intrigued by new and antique clockes and clocks of all types.

Of course we realize there are mechanical clocke movements or movements for wall clockes and mechanical and quartz clockes movements.  The most common grandfather clocke chime by far being the Westminster Grandfather Clock, and with the movements today being made in any real quantity originating from Germle, and either Kieninger or Hermle.

I suppose 1-800-4CLOCKS is fortunate in that it represents just the right number of characters so that we can be reached at 1-800-4CLOCKS, or 1-800-425-6257.  Using the clockes terminology, we would not have been able to use that same marketing tie and and customer service and support that so many of our clockes customers have come to cherish over the years.  Having the greatest selection of high-end heirloom quality grandfather clocks, with the best savings, the greatest value, with grandfather clocks on sale every day, and discount grandfather clocks and wall clocks and atomic and mantle clocks, along with lowest prices and the best customer service, it is no wonder why we have such a high percentage of repeat customers and referrals year after year after year.

Clockes History - Look and Learn.  Clockes is plural of Clocke.
Clockes History – Look and Learn. Clockes is plural of Clocke.

Grandfather Clock Gallery

When consumers are serious about purchasing a high-end grandfather clock, they will and should not only want to get the best discount grandfather clock available that suits their tastes, but they also need to do their due diligence to understand not only the differences between grandfather clock brands, but also why they may or should choose one type of grandfather clock style with a certain grandfather clock movements, and even understanding the features and varying movements generally available even within that one brand.  They also want to see it and compare it side by side with others in a local clock gallery or grandfather clock showroom.

Aside from searching for a grandfather clock on sale, understanding the differences between and among Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks and Hermle Floor Clocks, Kieninger Grandfather Clocks, the Ridgeway Grandfather Clock Collection, and our newest line, the high-quality Americana Grandfather Clocks.  This is just as true whether looking at mechanical Howard Miller Wall Clocks or Mantel Clocks, mantle clocks by Ridgeway Clocks and Hermle Clocks, and whether one is looking at the single Westminster chime or whether you are looking for a grandfather clock, grandmother clocks, mantel clock or wall clock that has triple chimes with various alternatives.  Aside from chain-driven grandfather clocks vs cable driven grandfather clocks, and the tubular chime grandfather clocks we offer, there is also the option of a clock with a quartz, also known as battery-operated clock movement.  These are the least expensive, and have some real pros and cons, and we at are always delighted to talk with customers who want to understand their options while learning and shopping.  One has to be especially wary of some of the cheaply made imported grandfather clocks that have flooded the market in recent years, and may seemingly look like a “steal” but in reality are a complete waste for almost every reason.  Sadly, some of the largest retailers are selling these clocks made to appear like their higher-end seeming lookalikes, and we get hundreds of calls from grandfather clock customers who purchased these, frequently with clock model names similar to the best brands.  There is not really any way we can help these grandfather clock customers who have effectively been taken, and even the big department stores will not allow them to be return because some assembly for these grandfather clock “cheapos” almost always required.  There is also no information about whom these customers can call if and when they have any problems.

What this whole grandfather clock and wall clock and mantle clock shopping experience frequent boils down to is customers wanting to have the ability and opportunity to see and hear these clocks — whether Howard Miller Clocks, Hermle Clocks, Kieninger Wall Clocks and Grandfather Clocks, and Ridgeway Clocks, is to see all the clocks side by side and in a Clock Showroom or Grandfather Clock Gallery.

A fully stocked grandfather clock showroom, with the major models with the top brands such as Howard Miller, Hermle Clock and Ridgeway and Kieninger Clock, is what we aspire to eventually offer to our customers.  The challenge is that this is more of an artifact from the past that the reality of shopping for high-end grandfather clocks in person.  Even when we had our main Grand Central Station Store open, we generally had at most 4 new grandfather clocks on display.  And the clock store that sells and displays a huge selection of new grandfather clocks are very few and far between in different parts of the country.

An antique grandfather clock is a different story, and yet these are a much harder sell, and by definition will be one of a kind at that time which happens to be available.

At 1-800-4CLOCKS, we do hope to buck the trend and have a fully stocked grandfather clock showroom and gallery where people can see and hear everything in person before they buy.

In the meantime, with the advent of the internet, we work hard to make our virtual grandfather clock showroom and grandfather clock gallery online as close to the in-person shopping experience as humanly and technically possible.  Many of our customers seem to truly understand the ways in which we try to bring grandfather clocks to life with the best pictures, the ability to hear grandfather clock chimes, and our willingness to answer any and all questions grandfather clock shoppers may have either before or after their purchase.

We want to be your one stop destination for all your grandfather clock, wall clock and mantel clock needs.  Any questions or suggestions, always feel free to contact us at 1-800-4CLOCKS.

Grandfather Clock Gallery and Grandfather Clock Showroom Definition

Pendulum Clock

A clock, whether it is a grandfather clock, grandmother clock, wall clock or mantle clock, may have a moving pendulum in the clock case which does not necessarily tell a viewer whether the clock is mechanically or quartz driven.

Clocks in free-standing cases with moving pendulums have historically been the very definition of a grandfather clock or grandmother clock, especially when looking at an antique grandfather clock or antique grandmother clock.

A funny thing has happened to the in the clock industry in recent years, which is the development of quartz or battery driven wall clocks and grandfather clocks and mantel clock where the pendulum may be moving back and forth and appear to be identical to an antique mechanical pendulum-driven clock, but in actuality, the pendulum is driven by its own separate mechanism, frequently including batteries, and simulates the movement of a mechanical mantel clock, wall clock or grandfather clock.  These clocks, especially the grandfather clocks, will also have weights, and therefore appear to be weight driven mechanical clocks, but the weights are purely decorative, and do not move up when the clock is wound, because there is nothing to wind anyway and they are battery driven but the weights do also not move down over time as it is the quartz movement driven by batteries which are making the clock run, and the weights are there purely for decoration or show or simulation of a mechanical grandfather, mantle or wall clock.

Whenever a customer orders a quartz clock either in our Stores or over the phone and they order a quartz driven clock with a moving pendulum, we always try to make sure they know what they are getting.  These clocks can be quite nice, and they are generally a lot less expensive, but as with anything else in life, there can be pros and cons to each type of so-called pendulum clocks movement.

We also need to make the distinction between high quality brands such as Howard Miller Clocks and Hermle Clocks and Kieninger Clocks and Ridgeway Clocks and the many no-name or “misleading name” truly cheap and poorly made clocks that may look nice in the pictures or even when first open, but are crafted to simply fool customers into thinking they are getting a great deal or making some meaningful compromise, when all they are really getting is, putting it frankly, a piece of junk.  These clocks will also have quartz driven movements, and the cases may appear similar at first glance, but that is about where the legitimate comparisons end.  We get dozens of calls weekly from individuals who have purchased these cheaply made clocks, frequently with model names similar to the major brands, and also frequently carried by large national well-respected retailers, but these callers find there is no one to call when they run into the inevitable problems, and they may have done some assembly which means the retailer will not even consider any return.  One area often overlooked is the quality of the chiming mechanism of the grandfather clock or grandmother or wall or mantel clock, which can vary widely.  Generally speaking, mechanical grandfather movements made by the high-end grandfather clock makers, such as Howard Miller and Hermle Clock and Kieninger Clocks will have the best sounding chimes, including Westminster Chimes, Ave Maria, Ode to Joy, Whittington and St Michaels.  Some of these ultra-cheap models might have the same chime, but comparing the quality of the chime is the difference between night and day.

Some advantages of well-made quartz-driven clocks, aside from the lower cost, include the fact that one does not have to wind the clock.  Most models come with both volume control and automatic nighttime shutoff.  These advantages can outweigh the disadvantages for some customers, who might also want to compare chain driven grandfather clocks, which tend to be much less expensive than cable driven grandfather clocks, but still have many of the same advantages or mechanical vs quartz.

At, we realize these choices can be a bit daunting to grandfather clock shoppers, as well as wall clocks shoppers and those looking for the best mantle clock or mantel clock from their perspective.

Feel free to give us a call or visit us any time.  We are here to help and to make your clock shopping experience all that it can be.

Quartz Grandfather Clocks

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Howard Miller Factory Direct

Howard Miller grandfather clocks factory direct are a great way to purchase these high-end Floor Clocks.  If the Grandfather Clock only has to ship once, as is the case with factory direct shipments, this minimizes the potential that grandfather clocks might get damaged in shipping and handling, and you know that not only is it the genuine article of a Howard Miller Grandfather Clock, but that also it has not been sitting in some Grandfather Clocks Store or Grandfather Clock showroom or floor clock warehouse for several years. The risk of damage to a grandfather clock is shipping rises almost exponentially each time the grandfather clock is shipped.  Repacking of a floor model grandfather clock increases the odds of shipping damage even more. We have a wonderful grandfather clock blog post piece on Moving Grandfather Clocks, which can be found at this link, and is one of our most popular and visited web pages at  While we only warrant the advice for the amount you pay pay for it, which is nothing, we know it has been used many tens of thousand of times by families moving grandfather clocks, and we have never received even a single complaint or suggested addition or alteration – only thank yous..

Many grandfather clock shoppers and buyers are unaware that, as we understand it as a Howard Miller Authorized Dealer, if the grandfather clock was first made over 4 years ago, no matter when it was sold, the Howard Miller grandfather clock warranty will not apply unless specified otherwise by Howard Miller.  A grandfather clock shop may choose to offer their own warranty, as we do sometimes, but that should not be confused with the clock maker or grandfather clock manufacturer’s guaranty or warranty of parts and labor.

Used grandfather clocks shoppers hoping for great grandfather clocks discounts need to be especially aware of this clock shopping fact.  A clock may run and sound good and even keep time or appear to keep time, but unless it is well maintained, one may end up purchasing a problem that consumers hard-earned dollars rather than a beloved heirloom quality grandfather clock to be passed from generation to generation.

Whenever we have the opportunity for our grandfather clock customers, even if they are local to our shops, we always recommend and almost almost ship factory direct, when we can, to the customer’s home.  This is true not only for Howard Miller grandfather clocks, but also Ridgeway Grandfather Clcoks, Hermle Grandfather Clocks and Kieninger Grandfather Clocks.  Using the same general philosophy, but where the clock shipping and cost stakes are lower, we do the same thing and use the same philosophy for Howard Miller Wall Clocks and Howard Miller Mantel Clocks, as wel as Ridgeway Wall Clocks and Ridgeway Mantel Clocks, and the same for Mantle Clocks and  wall clocks made by Hermle Clocks and Kieninger Clocks.

If you’ve heard the old if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Well we believe, if it ain’t broke, ship it so that it is least likely to break.  Not as catchy, but it makes for happy gift and direct buyer experiences for shoppers of mantel clocks, wall clocks, grandfather clocks, grandmother clocks and more.

We aim to please our grandfather clocks customers, both for new and antique grandfather clocks in particular, to the best of our ability.

Factory Direct Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks Available at Other High-End Major Grandfather Clock Brands As Well.

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