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Carry Clock Styles Throughout the Home

One of the most effective tools of any home decorator is to carry a particular style throughout the rooms of the home. Even elements of a particular style carried from room to room have the ability to create a cohesive home and the best home decorators are able to do so creatively. Some homeowners use a particular paint color to unite the rooms in a home; others use complementary fabrics that help set a design tone in the home. And some homeowners choose to use actual objects to connect the rooms in their home; pieces that have similar styles and that give off a familiar tone regardless of the room in which you happen to be at the moment.

Clocks are wonderful pieces to use on this front as they can be purchased within the same design family but with completely different features. For those who choose to set a traditional design theme in their home, this style can be carried through the house with a traditional wall clock in the dining room, a traditional grandfather clock in the living room, and a traditional style mantel clock above a fireplace.

Conversely, those who are more interested in a decidedly modern flare may choose a more contemporary grandmother clock for a study, a modern atomic clock in their bedroom, and a round faced wall clock in their kitchen.

The way in which we can use clocks throughout the home is almost limitless. Our imagination, our style, and our budget are the only things setting the tone for the ways in which we can infuse a particular style into a home with the use of clocks.

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