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Choose a Clock that Reflects Your Personality

Enter a teenager’s bedroom and you immediately know who they are – what makes them tick, what’s important to them, their personality, and their hopes and dreams. This wild abandon that we have as young people often leaves us as we age, and what used to externally define us is now something that we keep to ourselves and only share with those closest to us. It’s a shame really; step into any adult’s bedroom – or their home for that matter – and you are unlikely to leave with any more idea of who they are and what they are about than what you had when you entered. We have whitewashed our décor to the point that we hardly give an inkling to anyone who visits about what we like and what’s important to us.

Taking a page from our teenaged selves may not be the worst idea. Some of the most intimate and warm homes are those that have been infused with the homeowner’s personality – told through the use of color, fabrics, artwork, and the like. Clocks– while often thought of as utilitarian pieces that exist for functional purposes only – can do as much to put a stamp of personality on a room as anything else.

Choose a contemporary clock to round out a modern room and tell of your penchant for sleek sophistication.

Chose a country wall clock to give a home a more laidback style and tell of your fondness for farmhouse prints and country knick knacks.

Choose a traditional grandfather clock for a more elegant design which speaks to your love of antique furniture and more traditional pieces.

Choose a funky mantel clock to set atop a bookshelf of your favorite books; its wrought iron and non-traditional lines will reflect your flare for the unusual.

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  1. […] When I was a kid growing up in the West End of Portland, Maine, we lived in an old brink house that had a long and storied history. I recall many a night walking through the house and thinking about the history that evolved before I ever lived there. And as I’m told, the grandfather clock in the living room was from the original owner, who built the house in 1912. It stood about 5-feet tall and had sort of a faded teak look to it, and it was mesmerizing as I could hear the gears turning as though I was listening to time go by. I don’t know what happened to that old clock, but I know that it stayed in the family after we moved away to the United Kingdom. I’m often amazed at clocks like these as whether they are new or old, they give every house a distinct look and feel. Of course this is merely my opinion, but most people think, but there are some people that don’t even know that grandfather clocks are not only still made today, but they are more accessible and affordable than most would think. Choose from all the best brands at and see what viewers across the country saw on The Today Show. Learn what grandfather clock owners have known for hundreds of years; that each of these clocks has its’ own identity and personality! […]

  2. […] it looks. When i move into my new home, i’d like to place a contemporary monolith type black grandfather clock in my piano room. First i would need a piano room. Then of course, a black baby grand to place in […]

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