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Choosing a Clock for My Boat

I am in love with a boat. Seriously. All my life I have wanted to set sail; but being from the city there was not too much opportunity to do that. Instead, I developed a penchant for cruising, until my later years when – after retirement – I finally broke down and bought that sailboat I had always wanted. Here I was, the city boy, learning to sail and just really loving it. I found a marina where I docked the boat and I sail every chance I get. And during the summers, my wife and I basically live on the boat through the season so we’ve really made it into a second home in terms of décor and comfort.

In fact, decorating the boat was my favorite part. We spent a lot of time finding boat friendly accessories that would hold up to the elements and still give the boat the homey feeling we wanted. One of my favorite finds was a nautical wall clock that I found on this great online supplier (believe me, when you’re sitting in the marina day after day, you spend a lot of time on the Internet).

This site had so many types of clocks from which to choose that I found myself in the wonderful position of having almost too many choices on my hands. We knew we wanted a wall clock so that it could be secured safely to the wall of the interior cabin, and we knew we wanted something nautical themed. But I don’t think we realized how many options were available to us – and how high-quality they were. We found a sophisticated, yet fun nautical wall clock that looks perfect on our boat; and now we’re setting sail in style!

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