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Clock Emojis Are Becoming Popular

What your emojis say about you?  Wall clock emojis are rising in popularity, according to a new paper published Tuesday in the journal Trends on Cognitive Sciences, a team of psychologists argue that as our daily interactions become more digital, scientists will benefit from studying them further. In particular, due to the growing use of emojis helping us get the same satisfaction from digital interactions as if we were communicating in person.

Grandfather Clocks emojis have also been in use for a while and may be rising in popularity as well. We have yet to see branded emojis for Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks or Hermle Clocks or Ridgeway grandfather clocks, but they may be coming soon. We would be very interested in hearing from any developer who can make great emojis in the style of mantel clocks or Kieninger Grandfather Clocks.

Express yourself with wall clocks emojis. The world is waiting.

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Clocks Among More Popular Emojis per CNN and Other Studies

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