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Clock Hands Can Determine Style

When it comes to choosing a clock for your home – and for a particular room in your home – the decision often rests with the physical appearance of the clock in question; after all, we look to clocks to tell the time for sure but also to further our design aspirations in terms of pulling a room together. We certainly would not hang a contemporary looking wall clock in a room that has been furnished with distressed antiques; just as we would not put a country style mantel clock above a contemporary fireplace. And so, as consumers, we look for those clocks that will fulfill all of our needs in terms of functionality as well as design.

One element of a clock to which we may give very little thought, but that has an enormous impact on the overall style of the clock, is its hands. Clock hands are made from a variety of materials that can set a tone as well as tell the time.

We surely understand the function of clock hands; they refer to the time – the hour as well as the minute. But because clock hands are constructed from such specific materials in keeping with the design of the clock they add the finishing touch in terms of style. An antique style mantel clock may include wrought iron clock hands; a contemporary design may include brushed silver clock hands that have a sleek and sophisticated style. Details matter when it comes to the design of a clock.

When shopping for clocks through dealers such as 1-800-4CLOCKS let the hands guide you in finding a style that works for you.

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