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Clocks are the Common Denominator

Trends come and go; that much we know. Every time we turn around there is some other fashion trend we should be following, some other way to wear our hair, and some other popular method by which to design the interiors of our homes. Who has the time? And more accurately, who has the money? Keeping up with trends as they change year to year can wipe out a budget and keep us scrambling to remain in sync with popular culture.

When it comes to our homes, unless you have the time, money, and inclination to redecorate on a yearly basis, it is best to keep it simple and keep it classic. By adopting a classic palette – utilizing those elements that typically never go out of style – you can pay homage to the trends by infusing the room with small, inexpensive accessories that reflect what is currently popular. Then, as styles change you can easily remove those accessories and replace them with something more in line with the newest trends. The foundation of the room, however – the color, the furniture, the window treatments, and so forth – remain the same; and if you choose something classic and timeless you never have to worry that your rooms will seem out of date.

Clocks are some of those pieces that will never go out of style and will generally always remain the common denominator in classic design taste. By choosing from a variety of wall clocks, mantel clocks, and even grandfather or grandmother clocks, we can add to the palette of our rooms – around which everything else will revolve.

By making clocks a part of our design foundation we can move them around so that they best complement a particular room and work with the popular trends we periodically infuse into our home décor.

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