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Clocks: Back to Tradition

We have very much become a society dependent on technology for even the simplest of things. Telling time, for example, while it used to be kept by pocket and wristwatches, is now kept by cell phones, personal organizers, and computers. While we may have once asked a stranger for the time only to wait until they checked their watch, today we wait for them to simply glance at the phone that is unquestionably in their hand. While all of these technological advancements have surely made life much easier, they have also come at a price. There is value and validity to traditional clocks and more and more people are recognizing that advancements in technology do not necessarily mean that tradition has to go out the window.

While cell phones may be the time telling method of choice while we’re out and about, it falls far short of sophistication on the home front. Outfitting a home with clocks of all designs allows us to honor tradition and permeate our home with the comforting tick-tock of the clock and, in some cases, the melody of the hour. Traditional clocks are more than just accessories or pieces of furniture – they engage many of our senses and become almost like the heartbeat of the home.

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