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Clocks Can Give a Room New Life, Part I

If you have lived in the same home for an extended period of time, you know better than anyone how the walls can really start to close in on you. The more things change around you, the more things stay the same within the same four walls of your house; it gets to the point where every piece of furniture, every color on the walls, every fabric – starts to become monotonous and it becomes very clear that it’s time for a change!

Creating change in a home can be very simple and actually quite affordable. Sometimes all it takes is a new coat of paint to make things come to life in a new and different way. Transforming a home does not have to mean going systematically through the rooms, ripping up carpeting, replacing furniture, and completely overhauling everything inside; instead, sometimes even just the smallest of changes can make the biggest differences.

In this capacity, it helps to identify the smaller things that can be easily changed out in order to create a decidedly new space. Determine if the color of the room is working or if it is outdated, and change accordingly; put a new area rug in the room and watch how the whole vibe of the space changes; and add and subtract accessories in order to be more in line with what is currently happening in the world of decorative trends.

Some great accessories to consider in terms of giving your home a decorative overhaul are clocks. Some of the greatest transformations can happen with the smallest of items and wall clocks, mantel clocks, and even atomic clocks can certainly transform the look and the feel of a room.

In the next post, we’ll talk about using these pieces in creative ways so that you can achieve affordable transformation.

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