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Clocks Can Make the Difference in New Construction

Building a new home is immensely exciting; as much as you can choose every feature that you want from the very beginning as anything else. There is something enormously gratifying about being able to build something from the ground up – making it your own from the start. And when it’s finished there is nothing more exciting than standing in the middle of your new home with all the possibilities available in terms of putting your personal stamp on decorative choices. One of the things that homeowners of new construction often find is that the palette they are left with upon completion of their project is too broad – too neutral; and the choices far too many. For these homeowners it is necessary to start with one room at a time – working to create a cohesive design. To this end, clocks can be enormously helpful in defining the style of a room and creating a palette around which to work.

While clocks may be the last thing on your mind in terms of décor, the fact is that clocks are portable enough to move around until you find just the right home for them; but carry a large impact in terms of style. Put simply, for a very agreeable investment, clock owners will find that they have packed quite a punch for their dollar. Consider:

*Mantel clocks atop a fireplace in any room of the home; by choosing mantel clocks that are within the same style – but different designs – you can give personality to each room while still creating design cohesiveness in the overall home.

*Wall clocks in an empty hallway or entranceway. New homeowners are often given quite a bit of blank space with which to work – which can be daunting to say the least. Wall clocks can fill the space with substance.

*A grandfather clock as a centerpiece in a formal room. A clock of this size can really anchor a room and add sophistication and elegance to the overall feel of the home.

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