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Clocks for a Child’s Bedroom

Decorating a child’s bedroom can be challenging to say the least. There is the child’s taste to consider – especially if they are on the older side, as well as your desire to stay within a design that is in keeping with the rest of the home. One of the ways that decorators can accomplish both goals is through the placement of key elements in the room that will speak to the child’s personal tastes and still fit nicely with the design of the home.

Clocks are a much overlooked but still effective element for use in home decorating. When you consider how much a country styled clock can change the look of the room that has been styled in a conventional format, or how an antique inspired wall clock may look out of place in a country kitchen, you begin to get a sense of how much impact even the smallest pieces can have in a home.

By bringing a well chosen clock into a child’s bedroom you are offering the child a functional piece that can help them keep time. For younger children this is especially important as they learn to tell time on their own; for older children it offers a more traditional alternative to atomic clocks that generally sit on nightstands, or the clock keeping time on their cell phones or computers.

Further, even the smallest clock such as a mantel clock set on a dresser can elevate the room design, finishing it off and giving it a hint of glamour and sophistication. Just because it’s a child’s room doesn’t meant that it shouldn’t have as much appeal as any other room in the home.

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