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Clocks in a Kitchen: Timeless Style

Clearly most of us think of our kitchen as simply a place to cook, eat, and store our food. But the fact is that no matter what size kitchen we have – the small galley kitchens of the city or the large eat-in kitchens so prevalent in suburban homes – this room tends to be the place where people gather. Friends share a glass of wine and chat together as meals are being cooked, children do homework at the kitchen table, breakfasts are gobbled, dinners are shared, conversations are had, and time is spent. For many, many homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of the home in every way.

As such, kitchens deserve the attention to detail that every other room in the home has enjoyed. While we tend to spend our time focusing on countertops, cabinets, sinks, appliances, and other fixtures to modernize our kitchens and make them a warm and welcoming room in our home, there are some details that we tend to overlook. The fact is that a kitchen can handle a multitude of design elements that can really define a space; and one of the ways in which we can do this is through the use of clocks.

Clocks may be thought of as pieces that are more suited to a living area or family room; but the truth is that clocks work nearly anywhere that we deem to place them. In a kitchen they can really expand the personality of the room and give the kitchen the details that make it more than just a room but a lovingly attended to central focus of the home. Some of the ways in which we can use clocks in the kitchen include:

*Wall clocks that suit the style of the kitchen; contemporary, country, antique inspired, traditional, etc.

*Mantel clocks that can sit atop a countertop, refrigerator, or kitchen shelf. While this may not be the traditional place we would think to place a mantel clock this is precisely what makes it so perfect. Thinking of unique ways to use clocks is what makes the décor all your own.

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