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The recreation room – or rec room, as it is more commonly referred to – in a home is traditionally the place in which family and friends gather to relax, have conversation, watch television, and play games. It may be the room in the home in which the family chooses to place a pool table or ping pong table, or the room in the home in which the family chooses to create a home theatre where visitors can watch the latest movie release on a large screen and with professional type home theatre audio. No matter how a rec room is utilized, however, it should ultimately be a place that encompasses all the things that mean the most to the home’s family; those things that will allow them to relax and be comfortable.

Decorating a rec room, therefore, often becomes about pulling in those design elements that most reflect the collective personality of the family in question. This can be extended to all things in the room including the paint that goes on the wall, the furniture that is selected, and the artwork that is displayed. One of the things that many people choose to use in their rec room – as part wall art, part design accessories – is the clock. After all, clocks can now be purchased in a variety of designs and styles – all of which can easily integrate into the rec room design theme.

Consider a fun and funky wall clock on the wall of a rec room that tells the time but is fun to look at and is more casual in design; an interesting mantel clock or atomic clock that sits on a shelf or table; or perhaps even a grandmother clock that takes up a corner and plays a fun melody at the turning of the hour.

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