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Clocks are more than just means by which to tell the time; used uniquely, clocks can be a fun and fresh way to add instant décor to any room in the home. While there are a great many people who opted to only tell the time through their computer screens and cable boxes, there are just as many who understand that this shortsighted time telling is robbing a homeowner or renter from the true beauty of time keeping – the clock. They are one of the oldest inventions of humans, the way in which we have marked the passing of time for centuries – and we continue to honor that traditional through a variety of designs that suit a variety of tastes and budgets.

What many homeowners and renters are discovering is just how easy it is to use clocks in every room in the home – not just as a way to tell the time but also as a simple and inexpensive means to creating a design that flows throughout the home. Some of the ways in which we can use clocks throughout the home include:

*A grandfather clock in the entranceway of a home – welcomes visitors with warmth, elegance, and sophistication. And the song of the grandfather clock as it marks the hour fills the entire home with melody.

*A wall clock in a living room. A small wall clock that also strikes the hour can be the perfect way to fill space on a wall and add a touch of elegance to any room.

*A mantel clock in a family room above a fireplace – finishes the fireplace with a clean and sophisticated style.

*Atomic clocks in the bedroom – allow people to tell the time in their rooms and infuse their room with personality.

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