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Clocks Make Perfect Companions in Hospitals

No one likes to be in the hospital – that much is a given. But there are, unfortunately, times in our lives when we may find ourselves hospitalized for a short – or even extended – period of time. Some of these events are anticipated, such as with the birth of a baby or an elective surgery; other events are not, and we find ourselves out of our element and thrust into a world where nothing is familiar or comfortable.

During any length of stay in a hospital it helps to have something along that is a reminder of a home – a small item that is familiar to us. While they may not be the first thing to come to people’s minds, clocks can be the perfect companion for those staying in a hospital.

Small radio/alarm clocks, for instance, can offer a number of resources for those confined to a hospital room. For one, most digital clocks allow the time of day to be seen brightly even when it’s dark in the room. This can be both helpful and comforting to those staying in a hospital room – as they may awaken (or be awoken as is often the case) to a room with which they are unfamiliar, and they may become disoriented as a result.

A small clock from home quickly offers an establishing element in the room – something familiar – that tells the time with unblinking constancy. Further still, radio clocks allow hospital patients something to do in terms of passing the time. Listening to the radio can help remove them from their current situation and (with earphones) can help drown out the noise typical in a hospital at night.

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