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There are a great many of us for who travel is a necessary part of our jobs; far away sales meetings, gatherings with clients and vendors, and global operations have all required company employees – in all industries – to be far more flexible than ever. No longer is our job description solely confined to a desk; now, more than ever, most of us live in a virtual world where we are required to get up and go.

This travel, of course, can be extremely exciting and certainly rewarding. But it can also be tiring and lonely being far from home all the time. In many of these cases, traveling business people choose to bring along with them those small items that remind them of home and offer some level of consistency in an ever changing environment. To this end, some people who travel choose to bring along with them photographs of loved ones, a favorite pillow that allows them sleep more comfortably, and even a small clock that they can sit on their nightstand – a constant reminder of home and certainly a more reliable way to wake up in the morning than the inconsistent hotel alarm clocks.

Clocks that make great travel companions include small mantel clocks – portable clocks that can sit anywhere, are small enough to carry in luggage, and add character and personality to even the plainest of hotel rooms; and atomic clocks – including those alarm clocks that we would ordinarily sit on our nightstand at home.

With the taking of clocks along with us in our travels, we are offered a constant on the road – a friend and companion on which we can rely.

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