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A clock is not always just a clock. Traditionally speaking, clocks were used as functional pieces rather than decorative items in our home; and so the design of most clocks was traditional as well – medium to dark woods, simple lines, and minimal accoutrements. Today, however, clocks come in a variety of materials, in a number of different colors, and with many different options of artwork.

The benefits, of course, of all of these options, are that consumers can use clocks in any capacity. More than just traditional mantel clocks used above a fireplace, grandfather clocks placed in the corner of a dining room or entranceway, or wall clocks placed in a kitchen, there are many different options for the use of clocks.

Clocks in more casual colors and made from less formal woods can be used to brighten a kitchen, add a punch of personality in a family room, and a hint of sophistication in a living room. More than anything, clocks are design elements to which most people do not give much thought. But the truth is that with a well chosen clock in a room with any kind of décor can really make the difference between a plain room and one that has an interesting and multidimensional design.

Consider using unique clocks:

*In a family room where you can incorporate lighter woods and a more modern design.

*In a kitchen where you can explore creative colors and artwork.

*In a bedroom where you can really go all out in expressing yourself.

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