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Clocks Raise the Roof on Small Rooms

Those of us with smaller homes and smaller rooms inside those homes, have found a variety of ways to trick the eye so that we can expand our space and make the most use of what is available to us. For city dwellers, this has become all the more important; we only have so much space to work with and making use of it so that it is both functional and attractive is our goal. The ways in which we can maximize our space is two-fold – either in actuality or visually.

Of course, in terms of actually maximizing our space, we look to organizational methods to help us make use of every nook and cranny. We can utilize furniture that has dual purposes (cocktail tables with interior space for hiding goodies, sofas that convert to extra bedding, and so forth), build shelving for additional storage space, and make use of the space underneath beds, tables, and sofas.

Visually speaking we can use subtle elements to trick the eye in order to make the space before us appear larger. This can be accomplished through the use of paint colors, mirrors, and other pieces of wall art that draw the eye upward. Clocks are especially useful in this regard as they provide both the visual appeal that we desire as well as the functionality that we need.

Wall clocks, for instance, can be hung on walls in small spaces, creating a focal point in the room that draws the eye and visually expands the room. Additionally, because wall clocks come in a variety of styles – everything from traditional to contemporary – they are perfect pieces for virtually any home regardless of their décor.

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