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Clocks: This House or Next

Those things that we choose to decorate or fill our house with are those things that we think will fit well with our current vision and the style of our home. But, of course, the very best items are those that will travel well and seamlessly integrate into whatever environment you place them. Clocks, for instance, have a way of encapsulating the personality of whatever room in which they reside; they are versatile pieces of décor that can look great in this home – as well as the next.

While you certainly shouldn’t shop for home accessories with future homes specifically in mind, you can’t be harmed by approaching any decision you make with an eye towards the bigger picture. Put simply, the classics always survive and can always be reinvented no matter where they are placed; clocks of all varieties can be used in all manner of ways no matter what home you happen to be in at the time.

Consider the following when shopping for classic clocks:

• A wall clock in your present home may look perfect in your hallway but may best be used as a piece of artwork in a family room or living room in your next home.

Mantel clocks are the perfect versatile home accessory. They are small and portable and can be used in any area of the home. While your favorite mantel clock may look great on a library shelf in your current home, it may look spectacular on your new fireplace mantel.

• Grandfather clocks – while larger – are still quite versatile and can look great in nearly every capacity in your home. Use your grandfather clock in a study in your current home and then look how well it makes the transition to a living room in the new home.

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