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Clocks: Time for Spring Cleaning

The spring is just about on the horizon – waiting to replace the winter’s chilling winds and bare trees with warmer breezes and new buds. As humans we have many rituals associated with the coming of the spring season; emerging from our winter cocoon and airing out our homes for the arrival of the warmer months. Spring cleaning is one of our many traditions associated with the leaving of winter and the coming of spring. We pull apart our rooms, rotate wardrobes, clean curtains, dust baseboards, move furniture, and basically deep clean our personal space. In the midst of all this attention to detail we are sure to notice the clocks in our home – those that sit on mantels, stand in corners, or alert us to the time from our bedroom nightstands.

Clocks deserve a little spring cleaning of their own in the way of a gentle dusting and a wipe down of the exterior. After all, they’ve been gathering dust for some time now and the accumulation of dust can have an impact on the time telling capabilities of a clock. This spring, when you’re going over the rest of your home with a fine toothed comb be sure to turn your attention to your clocks by:

* Moving mantel clocks to dust under and around them. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the face of the glass face of the clock and along the sides. If the glass face opens you can go ahead and gently dust inside the face of the clock taking care not to touch the actual hands of the clock.

* Gently removing wall clocks from their spot in order to perform the same gentle cleaning.

* Dusting the outside of grandfather clocks or grandmother clocks. Any additional service should be done by a professional in order to preserve the integrity of the clocks.

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