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Collecting Clocks to Mark the Years

There are many products by which we are able to pay our own homage to the passing of the years; ways in which we honor different generations by collecting particular touchstones to the past. We may use the china that was once used by our grandmother or we may purchase pieces of furniture that were popular during the year that our parents were married. By looking at pieces in this way we are not just putting merchandise in our home that is great looking and fits with our style; we are filling our home with a timeline of sorts; conversation pieces that we can use to tell stories of the past.

Clocks are a perfect example of pieces that have been used in homes throughout the generations; their function was always the same but the style in which they were created differs year to year. By collecting clocks from different years and putting them in our home we are able to honor the different styles that have been popular throughout the generations.

This is not to say that we should ignore the modern clock styles of today. In fact, it is easier than ever – with the help of the Internet – to find modern clocks in a variety of styles. Everything from mantel clocks and wall clocks to atomic clocks and grandfather clocks are available online through suppliers that provide offerings from high end manufacturers such as Howard Miller, Kieninger, and Ridgeway clocks. So whether their style is traditional or contemporary, consumers are able to find the clock for them; the clock that will tell the story of this particular time in history.

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  2. Mr Donkey August 19, 2008 at 1:16 am

    Make sure you do everything you can on authentication. I’ve seen it happen. Paying thousands of dollars on a cheap $100 imitation or replica of the old fashion clock (meant as a house decoration)

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