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College Bound: Take a Clock

Soon-to-be college freshman all across the country are beginning their preparation for their first year of college. It may be July but many colleges and universities begin their fall semester as early as August and it will soon be time for college students to take up residence in dormitories and apartments nationwide. There is of course the registering for classes and the purchasing of books that is all mandatory protocol for this particular time period but there is also the setting up of shop in what is essentially a new home. And to this end, college students begin early to collect those things that will make them the most comfortable in their new living arrangement.

From bedding to basic kitchen utensils, there isn’t much that doesn’t go along for the ride for the college freshman. They, after all, will most likely be away from home for the first time in their life and they want to be as comfortable as possible. To this end, they may bring a favorite pillow, their most comfortable sheets, special accessories that mean the most to them, and perhaps a favorite clock that reminds them of home.

Clocks in fact can serve a college student well on a number of levels. For one, the college experience marks the first time for many young people that they are fully and completely responsible for their own schedule. This means that they must wake up on time to attend classes and a clock is absolutely essential in this role.

Secondly, a special clock from home can make a college student feel more comfortable and not so far away. And for those looking for the perfect gift to give that new college student, consider an interesting atomic clock that is both fun and functional.

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