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Feng Shui and Clocks: Working Hand in Hand, Part II

In our last post we discussed the popularity of Feng Shui and how people everywhere are using this ancient Chinese principle to balance the energy in their homes with the purposeful placement of objects and the use of different colors and materials. The purpose? To create an environment that is harmonious and naturally attracts the positives in life including financial, physical, and relationship health.

Clocks have gotten a bad reputation in terms of Feng Shui; there is a belief that clocks do not fit within the Feng Shui principles. The truth is, however, that clocks work quite within a home that follows Feng Shui as long as they are used appropriately. In the last post we discussed the use of clocks in a bedroom; perfect acceptable as long as there is only one and it is small in size. It is also suggested that a clock in a bedroom should be battery operated.

Some of the other methods in which clocks can be used within the principles of Feng Shui include:

* Using clocks in the kitchen, living room, office, or hallway. These are all acceptable areas in which to display clocks of all kinds, but it is not within Feng Shui principles to display clocks so that they are the first thing visitors see upon entering the home.

* Using clocks made from metal materials in all areas of the home except in the east. The east portion of the home is associated with health and family in the home; metal materials can interfere with the flow of this area.

* Using clocks with the “luckiest” shapes such as oval and circular shapes.

* Placing a clock in an area that already has good energy; Feng Shui experts feel that the movement of clock hands allows the good energy to be circulated throughout the home.

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