Feng Shui and Clocks: Working Hand in Hand, Part I

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Feng Shui and Clocks: Working Hand in Hand, Part I

There are many ways in which people go about decorating their homes; and the modern trends of the time always bring something new and different to infuse into a home’s décor. Feng Shui – while certainly not something “new” by any stretch of the imagination – is something that more and more people are turning to in an effort to create a better energy flow in their home. Feng Shui is a practice derived from ancient China which helped those who practiced it achieve balance by aligning the natural powers of heaven and earth. In its modern practice, Feng Shui is utilized by homeowners that want to achieve balance in their home by arranging furniture and other objects so that energy flows more freely, and homeowners are able to attract everything from relationship satisfaction to financial health.

Within the practice of Feng Shui, objects must be placed in particular areas of the home. Clocks have historically received a bad reputation in terms of aligning with the practices of Feng Shui. The fact is, however, that clocks fit quite nicely into a Feng Shui plan if used correctly.

According to Feng Shui principles, there are particular areas of the home in which clocks are most appropriate including in the living room, kitchen, and within a home office. While it is acceptable, according to Feng Shui, to have clocks in the bedrooms of the home, they should be small in size; additionally bedroom clocks should be limited to one rather than several different clocks.

In the next post, we’ll discuss more about how to use clocks within the Feng Shui principles.

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