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Waltham Clocks and Watches

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

The Waltham Clock Company and Waltham Pocket Watch Company, also known as the American Waltham Watch Company, is one of America’s oldest and finest makers of precision timepieces.  Although best known overall the the many tens of millions of Waltham Pocket Watches that they produced, the company was also quite skilled in making some of the finest grandfather clocks of their era, including Tiffany Tubular Chime Grandfather Clocks, many wall clocks, including banjo clocks, and mantel clocks and desk clocks, and many clocks used in early automobiles, most of which were the oversize pocket watches in special casings with large mainsprings which would for run for 8 days on a single wind.

One can hold a Waltham Clock or Waltham Wristwatch or Waltham pocket watch, like those of Elgin from a similar time and comparable quality, and can get the clock or watch running, and they were made with such superb quality and workmanship that they frequently both look and still act and perform as though they were made yesterday.  It is no accident that Waltham referred to its scientifically built clocks and pocket watches and wristwatches.  Many watches which were in cases guaranteed for five years or ten years or 25 years not only still have the mechanisms in perfect working order, but also have the original finish which in many instances has exceed its claim guarantee by twenty times over.  It is about the closest we come today to time travel into the past with a time machine.

Some of the finest grandfather clocks made circa 1900 were made by Waltham Clocks, an almost stealth part of Waltham Watches, with Tiffany & Company of New York being one of the major retailer beneficiaries.  Still, Waltham did not advertise their name on Tiffany-branded clocks, which was also true of many timepieces retailed by Tiffany including Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet. Tiffany and Company at that time did not actually make any of their clocks or pocket watches or wristwatches, and instead special-ordered them in small quantities from high-end horological suppliers such as those name above.  Indeed, one of several tubular chime grandfather clocks we have bought and sold over the years had the face, dial, movement, and tubular chimes made by Waltham, with the dial engraved Tiffany & Company, and the only giveaway to someone who is not a seasoned collector is that all of of the tubes are stamped with the Waltham name.

Which brings to mind one point we have wondered about thousands of times over the years, and especially true when looking at some of the most finely made verge fusee pocket watches made in Switzerland, England, France and Germany, and elsewhere, particularly in Western Europe, in the 1700 and 1800s.  Many of these pocket watches, including some of the highest caliber and quality, were never signed anywhere on the pocket watch case or movements.  Frequently one will find pocket watch cases with all of the era appropriate hallmarks, only to find the precision work of art, which in many instances is not an understatement that it had years worth of work involved in making, and yet still not in many instances signed the the maker, or in reality artist.  We have seen this on some of the highest quality minute repeater pocket watches and of almost every size and type.  The same is sometimes true of clock-makers, which in many instances can be equally mind-boggling.

At 1-800-4CLOCKS, we always strive to get discussions going about the best in new and antique clocks and watches.  Relevant feedback is always appreciated.

Antique Waltham Clocks and Watches

Antique Waltham Clocks and Watches

Howard Miller Chiming Grandfather Clocks

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Would you like Schubert’s Ave Maria Chimes with that Howard Miller Grandfather Clock?  Or perhaps you are more of a fan of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy grandfather clocks chime.  What about the most popular Westminster Chime in the mechanical movement of your chiming Howard Miller Grandfather Clock?  What if you could get a triple-chime grandfather clock that came with all three of these grandfather clock chimes?

Typically, historically, grandfather clocks that had chimes would almost always have the Westminster Chimes.  If other additional chimes were available in mechanical chiming grandfather clocks, most all of the time these grandfather clock chimes would be the Whittington Chime and the Saint Michael Chime.

In more recent years, both Kieninger Clocks and Hermle Clocks, the two remaining movement makers who make high-end mechanical grandfather clock and grandmother clock movements in any quantity, started making movements which include the Westminster, Ave Maria, and Ode to Joy chime combination in single movements.  So any buyer and owner or user/listener of a high-end grandfather clock with this mechanical movement can hear whichever chime the grandfather clock’s movement is set to whether it is the Beethoven Ode to Joy, Schubert Ave Maria, or the more traditional and classic Westminster Chime.  All three chimes are built in, and there is a lever the owner or user could move to switch the clock from one chime to another.

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks offer the biggest selection of clocks with this Westminster Ave Maria Ode to Joy chime combination, and Hermle grandfather clocks, Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks and Kieninger grandfather clocks also offer clocks with this feature.  On rare occasions, we have even customized clocks with this special triple chime movement, which is still make by both the Hermle and Kieninger Clock companies.  Grandfather clocks with both a traditional and contemporary look are available with these mechanical chimes.  Some offer illuminated dials on the grandfather clocks and in the cases as well.  Some of the Tubular Chime Grandfather Clocks offer this special Westminster, Ode to Joy, and Ave Maria chime combination as well.

To whet your appetite, here are by far the 2 most popular triple chime Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks with the Westminster, Ave Maria, and Ode to Joy mechanical Clock Chimes built in.  They are the Howard Miller Clayton Grandfather Clock, in Oak, and the Howard Miller Stewart grandfather Clock, in Cherry.

Howard Miller Stewart Grandfather Clock  model 610-948 610948
List: $4,825.00
SALE: $3,377.50

Howard Miller Clayton Grandfather Clock  model 610-950 610950
List: $4,825.00
SALE: $3,377.50

Grandfather Clock Kits for the Grandfather Clock Enthusiast

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Clock Kits for individual hobbyists and craftsmen who want to make grandfather clocks themselves have been a part of the grandfather clock market landscape for the last 50 years.  Grandfather clock kits can come in many forms, from those which are simply wood plans and may not even include the grandfather clock movement, to those that are more or less simply put the pieces together with screws or nails.  In between are many variations, of course, including those which come with all the clock hardware, including the grandfather clock dial, grandfather clock movement, the clock’s pendulum and of course the hands and key for the grandfather clock.

One of the challenges are the trade-offs between the grandfather clock builder, their skill level and their desired effort vs. how much work is involved, not to mention how much talent of varying types are required, vs. the quality of the grandfather clock assuming all of the grandfather clock assembly, design, cutting and finishing specs are followed to the letter.  We see 7 key factors that anyone who is serious about making their own grandfather clock either “from scratch” or with an almost ready-made kit needs to consider carefully before deciding which path to follow:

1. Grandfather Clock Assembly Effort Desired

2. Grandfather Clock Craftsman Skill Level

3. “From Scratch” to “Simple Assembly” of Grandfather Clock

4. Quality of Wood and Grandfather Clock Case

5. Quality of Grandfather Clock Movement

6. Tolerance for and Ability to Adapt to Mistakes in Making Grandfather Clock

7. Quality of Overall Grandfather Clock Desired

One irony is that in most instances, one will get more for their money by purchasing a brand new already made grandfather clock, such as a Howard Miller Grandfather Clock, or one of the Ridgeway Grandfather Clock Collection, or one of the great Made in the USA Hermle Grandfather Clocks.  Kieninger grandfather clocks too.  Having said that, many people understandably want to build one that they can consider came more from their own hand.

Which leads to the question of who are the best of most reliable makers of grandfather clock kits today?  The landscape has shifted dramatically, with old industry stalwart Mason & Sullivan having been out of business for decades, and Kuempel Chime Clock, which used to make great grandfather clock kits, and which we used to partner with and sell their high-quality kits, having gone out of business several years ago.  The are grandfather clock kit makers out there, many of whom we would recommend staying far away from  And there are others who are worth taking a look at, but we do not think they reach the level of quality that was offered historically with Kuempel Grandfather Clock kits.

The subject of grandfather clock kits is critical enough that we will devote at least one post to the current makers of grandfather clock kits, along with any impressions as to their quality and workmanship, and what is involved regarding effort and skill level to get the grandfather clock you want, as well as getting the quality grandfather clock you should expect and desire.

Grandfather Clock Kits - Quality or Surprises

Grandfather Clock Kits – Quality or Surprises

Howard Miller Clocks Dealer

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Yes is an Authorized Howard Miller Dealer, which is the only kind of Dealer you want to shop with when looking not only for the greatest selection and savings, but also peace of mind, whether you are looking at discount Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, Howard Miller Wall Clocks on sale, miller mantel clocks, Howard Miller Atomic Clocks, and any other clock or curio cabinet made by Howard Miller.

Unfortunately, the internet including eBay and Amazon, is littered with Sellers posing to be authorized dealers of Howard Miller products, but many are not.  This means not only are you risking not getting the grandfather clock you ordered, or one of the many counterfeit grandfather clocks out there, but you will also risk getting stuck in the grandfather clock arrives with ANY damage, not to mention a clock customer can forget about having a valid warranty.  As Howard Miller Clocks displays all over its website,  All warranties are null and void if product is purchased from an UNAUTHORIZED internet dealer.   Additionally, Howard Miller points out an authorized dealer can provide valuable, personal service to you after your purchase such as in-home delivery, set-up, and deluxing the product when necessary.

Many grandfather clock shoppers face similar questions and issues if they are considering buying a used vs. new grandfather clock.  The best analogy we can use is in purchasing a used car.  You truly need to know what grandfather clock you are getting, or you may find yourself stuck with a world-class lemon, which is also a money pit, and may even need to be junked entirely.  Good maintenance on a grandfather clock is critical to its longer term health, not only for the grandfather clock case, but also for the grandfather clock movement strike and chimes.  Interestingly, one of the biggest problems plaguing the used auto market, which is cars which have suffered from flooding or water damage, can very much apply to a grandfather clock, including its case and mechanical movement, as well.

When one buys a new clock from an Authorized Dealer, such as a Howard Miller Grandfather Clock, it will come with a Manufacturer’s warranty on parts and workmanship of 2 years.  We at will frequently add a 3rd year of coverage for minimal and sometimes no additional costs.  Hermle Grandfather Clocks, when sold from an Authorized Dealer like us, come standard with a 3 Year Warranty.  And Americana Grandfather Clocks, which are also of the highest quality, and for whom we are also an Authorized Dealer, come with a 4 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.  Always check out our Kieninger Clocks, including Kieninger Grandfather Clocks,  warranties and sale.  We are happy to discuss the relevance of this, and to talk with prospective customers about both possibilities and implications for grandfather clock purchases for those grandfather clock shoppers who are always searching the web for grandfather clock discounts, grandfather clock coupons, and the like.

We are always just a phone call away at 1-800-4CLOCKS.

All Warranties are null and unless purchased from AUTHORIZED Howard Miller Clocks Dealer

All Warranties are null and unless purchased from AUTHORIZED Howard Miller Clocks Dealer


Grandfather Clock Plans

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Grandfather Clock Plans used to be quite popular.  Going back 20 to 40 years, there was a ready supply of available plans which were made available – some the bare-bones grandfather clocks plans where everything was dome from scratch, and others with kits provided with either some of the components, e.g. a grandfather clock movement only, and others which also included wood finished and cut and stained, from not at all, to the assembly-only required types of grandfather clock kits that came with easier grandfather clock plans.

Some of the most well known publishers of grandfather clock plans included Mason and Sullivan, which had both the from scratch plans as well as those that came with movements and grandfather clock case, as well as mantel clock case, and wall clock case parts.  Mason and Sullivan went out of business at least 15-20 years ago, but their plans are still occasionally available for purchase, in places such as eBay.  Empire Clocks, or was it Emperor Clocks, were another big name in grandfather clock plans and grandfather clock kits.  Like Mason and Sullivan, they also made back to basics from scratch grandfather clock plans, as well as offering grandfather clock kits, but from our recollection most all still required some real woodwork and staining.  This was also true for wall clocks and mantle clocks offered with clock plans, e.g. wall clock plans, and mantel clock plans, many of which are also found and sold as vintage items.

One company that took a lot of the work out but added tremendous quality was the Kuempel Chime Clock Company, which sold both individual grandfather clocks made to order, as well as grandfather clock kits that came with grandfather clock plans to put them together.  Based in Minnesota, the Kuempel grandfather clocks, as well as mantel clocks and wall clocks, really raised the bar by providing only the highest end solid wood components or completed cases.   The company was run by a visionary man named John Swon who, among many other areas where he saw wisdom, saw the benefit in hiring workers who were local and were senior citizens.  It was a win-win for everyone, including grandfather clock customers who were the lucky beneficiaries of the clocks and clock kits  made by these craftsmen and workers already skilled or who were trained and became skilled in woodworking.

Kuempel also sold very popular grandfather clock kits with German Grandfather Clocks that had Kieninger grandfather clock movements. In addition, they had kits and plans for mantel clocks and wall clocks too, again of German origin. Unfortunately, this great company we believe went out of business shortly after its visionary owner passed away all too suddenly and unexpectedly.

In more general terms, the grandfather clock market seems to have “spoken out” in favor of the economics of buying pre-made high quality grandfather clocks rather than spending the incredible time and effort necessary into doing it the most old-fashioned way.  When one looks at the selections of grandfather clocks offered by Howard Miller Clocks, as well as Hermle Grandfather Clocks, the Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks selection,, the Americana Grandfather Clocks Collection, and Kieninger Grandfather Clocks, and the prices and quality offered with many styles of traditional and contemporary grandfather clocks, it is easy to see that buying one of these incredibly made grandfather clocks, instead of using a grandfather clock plan, may be the easiest decision of all.  Always evaluate the grandfather clocks brands and makers and differences within and between the high-end heirloom quality clocks that will one day be an antique grandfather clock and an antique family heirloom to be  treasured by generation after generation.

Grandfather Clock Plans

Grandfather Clock Plan, by Mason and Sullivan



The Next Generation of Personal Shoppers

Saturday, May 4th, 2013
Personal shoppers are no longer just a privilege enjoyed by ladies with envy-inducing retail budgets. A picky customer puts four services to the test.

Grandfather Clocks Warehouse

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

At, we are well aware that grandfather clock shoppers looking for grandfather clocks for sale or high-end discount grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks may look to such places as grandfather clock warehouse sales, grandfather clock outlet sites, or those sometimes disingenuous grandfather clocks store going out of business sales.  Many of these are marketing gimmicks by slick clock retailers trying to lure in smart grandfather clock shoppers who are reasonably looking to get the best grandfather clock discount they can on the grandfather or floor clock brand or particular model they may have already scoped out.

Make no mistake.  We think the purchase of a new or antique grandfather clock or grandmother clock, whether one of the Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, Hermle Floor Clocks, Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks, Americana Grandfather Clocks or the ultra high-end Kieninger Grandfather Clocks is a very serious purchase decision, and should be made thoughtfully and with great care not only because of the value of the item, but also because it is or should be an heirloom piece that you will want to pass from generation to generation and has a very good chance of still being prized as an heirloom antique grandfather clock 100 years from now.

When talking about grandfather clock warehouse sales, we feel we would be remiss in not also addressing the warehouse clubs like Costco and BJs and Sams Club.  It is especially worthy for the informed shopper to be aware that while, occasionally, some of the same models we at 1-800-4CLOCKS will sell may sometimes find their way into one of these price clubs, but much more often than not the manufacturers make special models which are available to and sold by only these price club warehouse stores.  We get hundreds of calls from people wanting to find out how great a deal they got on the xyz model grandfather clock, and in those cases we can only tell them that in reality there is no real MSRP because these models are made only to be sold in these outlets.  Which is not to say it may not be a good purchase.  Having said that, we believe in an eyes wide open shopping and research approach to your grandfather clocks purchase.  Do your homework.  Find people who really understand the different makers, models, features, quality and much more (good luck finding that at Costco!).  This is why niche clock retailers like 1-800-4CLOCKS, who are happy to take the time necessary to answer any/all questions about particular grandfather clock models, and differences within and between brands and features, can make the grandfather clock shopping experience that much more valuable to a prospective grandfather clock owner.  And more than likely, you will end up saving money shopping with us as well.

Back to a grandfather clocks warehouse.  there is another element to buying from a grandfather clock or clocks retailer who has the option of shipping a clock to you “factory fresh” from the actual maker of the clock.  The greatest benefit is that the clock ships only once, thereby minimizing the chance of any shipping damage, which can be all-too disappointing, upon its receipt.  We work with you to make sure you are covered if this happens, but who wants to go through all the extra time and “pain and suffering” involved in these instances.  the other main advantages are that you know 100% you are getting a brand new factory fresh clock, and with zero chance of any counterfeiting or unknowingly being stuck with some grandfather clock floor model when you had every reason to think you were getting a brand new “out of the box” grandfather clock.

So do you think we should be advertising grandfather clocks warehouse sales?  To date, we never have, but we can offer all the benefits of one.

Grandfather clock shoppers – we would love to get your reaction.

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Grandfather Clocks on Facebook, found at, is the limited presence of 1-800-4CLOCKS to date on Facebook.  We know we have the ability to have tens if not hundreds of thousands of Facebook friends, but we have yet to even begin to really capitalize upon it.

By many measures, we are Americas Top Grandfather Clocks Shop, and it is a clocks shop slogan we have even trademarked.  We know we offer the best service on grandfather clocks discounts and sales, while still providing superior customer service and toll-free support.  We carry only the brands that we think are the finest makers of grandfather clocks, including such names as Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, Hermle Grandfather Clocks, the Ridgeway Floor Clock Collection, Kieninger Floor Clocks and Americana Grandfather Clocks.  Historically, we have also introduced our own brands including Museum Clocks™, Grandson Clocks™, and Gigantic Clocks™.   Grandmother clocks by most makers, including Howard Miller Clocks, Hermle Clocks and Ridgeway Clocks, have been another core part of our collection.

We are very interested to get to know if our grandfather clocks customers and shoppers would be interested in us having an expanded Facebook grandfather clocks presence.  We could include wall clocks and mantel clocks as well, my Kieninger Clock, Hermle Clocks, Howard Miller and others, as well as antique grandfather clocks, antique mantle clocks and antique wall clocks.

One differentiating factor in our grandfather clock sales, is that we always have experts available, whether in-stores or toll-free at 1-800-4CLOCKS toll-free on the telephone.  The large majority of our biggest competitors have call centers with people who know little or nothing about grandfather clocks, wall clocks and mantel clocks, whether new or antique.  We also feature grandmother clocks, novelty clocks, cuckoo clocks, atomic clocks, and some wristwatches as well.  Is this something that you as an existing or prospective grandfather clock or other customer would like to be able to address on Facebook?  Would you want to share purchases with friends on Facebook?

What about the History of grandfather clocks, and even grandfather clock trivia, such as the history behind the story and music by Henry Work Clay and  his song My Grandfather Clock, which actually popularized the name grandfather clock in the USA, vs. tallcase and long case clocks as they had been know up until then, and still are referred to today in the United Kingdom and Western Europe.

Grandfather clock movements are another critical component in understanding and comparing grandfather clocks, not only between makers, but also within the grandfather clock product line offerings within a single brand, such as Howard Miller cable-driven grandfather clocks vs Howard Miller chain-driven grandfather clocks as but one of many possible illustrations of the importance of understanding the grandfather clock choices and alternatives facing a customer.  Everything from chimes, to a working moondial, to illuminated grandfather clock dials, to the differences between a grandmother clock and a grandfather clock can be critical to end of purchasing an heirloom quality that will be cherished for generations to follow.

Now again we come back to Facebook, where we can be found at, and whether that is a good or great forum to share so,e, many or most of these comparison clock shopping knowledge based facts which can be so important in any purchase decision.  We thought at one point of putting an actual 1-800-4CLOCKS Grandfather Clocks Store on Facebook, where people could post comments, questions, and also make recommendations and purchases.

What do you think? We would be very interested in your opinion, as social media omnipresence seems to be here to stay.  Demographically speaking, more of our customers, shoppers, and buyers are likely also Facebook members.  Or feel free to send us a tweet at #FloorClocks or @FloorClocks with our Twitter UserName Grandfather Clocks, or visit what we have displayed now on Facebook with the UserName GrandfatherClocks:

GrandfatherClocks on Facebook


Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Clocks Blog is proud to highlight the widely used but not well known term clockes, whether we are talking about grandfather clockes and wall clockes and mantel clockes and atomic clockes.  Even antique clockes including antique grandfather clockes, antique wall clockes and antique mantel clockes.  Talking about the same clocks, but shown with an alternate spelling.

While we deal in antique clockes of all varieties, including antique grandfather clocks, grandmother clockes, atomic clocks, wall clocks, regulators, neon clockes, novelty clockes, astrolabiums, congreve clocks, telleriums, new grandfather clockes by Howard Miller Clock Companymand those Ridgeway Grandfather Clockes and Kieninger Clocks and Americana Grandfather Clockes, not to mention the Hermle Grandfather Clockes collection.

We are known as both America’s Top Clock Shop™ and America’s Top Grandfather Clocks Shop™ .  Perhaps we should also trademark Americas Top Clocke Shop™ and Americas Top Grandfather Clockes Shop™.  Better sooner rather than later!  We have seen this alternate spelling for clockes, or clocks, the world over, and yet even we are not sure where it originated. Anyone who has any knowledge on this clock fact and would care to share would make us and our clocks blog readers very appreciative.  Our best sense, as the author of this post is quite familiar with the clock world, especially in both North America and Britain and the United Kingdom, our best is that it is a spelling used in a non-English language.  Does not make it any less interesting for someone who is intrigued by new and antique clockes and clocks of all types.

Of course we realize there are mechanical clocke movements or movements for wall clockes and mechanical and quartz clockes movements.  The most common grandfather clocke chime by far being the Westminster Grandfather Clock, and with the movements today being made in any real quantity originating from Germle, and either Kieninger or Hermle.

I suppose 1-800-4CLOCKS is fortunate in that it represents just the right number of characters so that we can be reached at 1-800-4CLOCKS, or 1-800-425-6257.  Using the clockes terminology, we would not have been able to use that same marketing tie and and customer service and support that so many of our clockes customers have come to cherish over the years.  Having the greatest selection of high-end heirloom quality grandfather clocks, with the best savings, the greatest value, with grandfather clocks on sale every day, and discount grandfather clocks and wall clocks and atomic and mantle clocks, along with lowest prices and the best customer service, it is no wonder why we have such a high percentage of repeat customers and referrals year after year after year.

Clockes History - Look and Learn.  Clockes is plural of Clocke.

Clockes History – Look and Learn. Clockes is plural of Clocke.

Grandfather Clock Gallery

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

When consumers are serious about purchasing a high-end grandfather clock, they will and should not only want to get the best discount grandfather clock available that suits their tastes, but they also need to do their due diligence to understand not only the differences between grandfather clock brands, but also why they may or should choose one type of grandfather clock style with a certain grandfather clock movements, and even understanding the features and varying movements generally available even within that one brand.  They also want to see it and compare it side by side with others in a local clock gallery or grandfather clock showroom.

Aside from searching for a grandfather clock on sale, understanding the differences between and among Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks and Hermle Floor Clocks, Kieninger Grandfather Clocks, the Ridgeway Grandfather Clock Collection, and our newest line, the high-quality Americana Grandfather Clocks.  This is just as true whether looking at mechanical Howard Miller Wall Clocks or Mantel Clocks, mantle clocks by Ridgeway Clocks and Hermle Clocks, and whether one is looking at the single Westminster chime or whether you are looking for a grandfather clock, grandmother clocks, mantel clock or wall clock that has triple chimes with various alternatives.  Aside from chain-driven grandfather clocks vs cable driven grandfather clocks, and the tubular chime grandfather clocks we offer, there is also the option of a clock with a quartz, also known as battery-operated clock movement.  These are the least expensive, and have some real pros and cons, and we at are always delighted to talk with customers who want to understand their options while learning and shopping.  One has to be especially wary of some of the cheaply made imported grandfather clocks that have flooded the market in recent years, and may seemingly look like a “steal” but in reality are a complete waste for almost every reason.  Sadly, some of the largest retailers are selling these clocks made to appear like their higher-end seeming lookalikes, and we get hundreds of calls from grandfather clock customers who purchased these, frequently with clock model names similar to the best brands.  There is not really any way we can help these grandfather clock customers who have effectively been taken, and even the big department stores will not allow them to be return because some assembly for these grandfather clock “cheapos” almost always required.  There is also no information about whom these customers can call if and when they have any problems.

What this whole grandfather clock and wall clock and mantle clock shopping experience frequent boils down to is customers wanting to have the ability and opportunity to see and hear these clocks — whether Howard Miller Clocks, Hermle Clocks, Kieninger Wall Clocks and Grandfather Clocks, and Ridgeway Clocks, is to see all the clocks side by side and in a Clock Showroom or Grandfather Clock Gallery.

A fully stocked grandfather clock showroom, with the major models with the top brands such as Howard Miller, Hermle Clock and Ridgeway and Kieninger Clock, is what we aspire to eventually offer to our customers.  The challenge is that this is more of an artifact from the past that the reality of shopping for high-end grandfather clocks in person.  Even when we had our main Grand Central Station Store open, we generally had at most 4 new grandfather clocks on display.  And the clock store that sells and displays a huge selection of new grandfather clocks are very few and far between in different parts of the country.

An antique grandfather clock is a different story, and yet these are a much harder sell, and by definition will be one of a kind at that time which happens to be available.

At 1-800-4CLOCKS, we do hope to buck the trend and have a fully stocked grandfather clock showroom and gallery where people can see and hear everything in person before they buy.

In the meantime, with the advent of the internet, we work hard to make our virtual grandfather clock showroom and grandfather clock gallery online as close to the in-person shopping experience as humanly and technically possible.  Many of our customers seem to truly understand the ways in which we try to bring grandfather clocks to life with the best pictures, the ability to hear grandfather clock chimes, and our willingness to answer any and all questions grandfather clock shoppers may have either before or after their purchase.

We want to be your one stop destination for all your grandfather clock, wall clock and mantel clock needs.  Any questions or suggestions, always feel free to contact us at 1-800-4CLOCKS.

Grandfather Clock Gallery and Grandfather Clock Showroom Definition