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Grandfather Clocks on Television

Do you ever stop and think about how many times you see clocks while watching television?

We would know this even if we watched no television, as some of our most regular customers are the television networks seeking new or antique clocks — grandfather clocks, wall clocks, and mantle clocks — as background ornamentation for various scenes.  Our grandfather clocks and wall clocks have also been featured in major motion pictures!

On television, it seems that clocks are almost omnipresent in homes and offices.  Take sitcoms.  I can remember seeing clocks on Family Ties, All in The Family, The Bill Cosby Show, Seinfeld, and so so many others.

It would be wonderful to have a pictorial history of all the clocks that have made guest appearances, or in many cases regulars, on the many different television shows and genres.  With the advent of being able to watch television on your PC or Mac, and YouTube, as well as TBS dot com and Hulu dot com, an inspired individual could take this project on himself or herself.  We would be very interested in seeing snapshots of the “family clocks” that show up in many of the television shows over the years.  This would make a great virtual museum.

Any takers out there?  We would be delighted to assist in some way to make this happen.

Then we can move onto the movies, and cataloging the clocks in the major motion pictures and cinema would indeed be time well spent.

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