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Brands for Grandfather Clocks

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

The history of grandfather clocks brands is an ever changing one.  Going back to the 1700s and 1800s is Western Europe, parts of Eastern Europe, and the New World, the makers of clocks were extremely decentralized.  This was true for pocket watches as well.  So much so that when signing a grandfather clock or a pocket watch, or a wall clock or mantel clock for that matter, the maker, when they signed their work, put their name, and then their town location.  That tells you a lot right their about how locally focused individual clocks markers were, even though the works if select makers were prized the world over.

In the late 1800s, clock makers started to be centralized, and built manufacturing facilities capable of producing high quality clocks in much larger quantities.  Many of the major makers of their day went out of business, or were later brought back to life because of the value of their name, for different reasons.  Clock makers that fall into this category include Junghans, Gustav Becker, Winterhalder and Hoffmeir, E.J. Dent, New Haven Clock Company, Ansonia Clocks, E Howard Clocks, and the list goes on and on.

Today, when focusing on grandfather clocks specifically, and keeping in mind that we are looking at only what we consider to be the high-end makers and those who make clocks in any quantities, there are relatively few players on the higher-end.  Howard Miller grandfather clocks continue to dominate the high-end market.  Hermle grandfather clocks, which have been around for well over a hundred years, is another leading high end maker of floor clocks, a term used synonymously for grandfather clocks.  Ridgeway grandfather clocks, which have also been making grandfather clocks for over 100 years, is another great brand.  It is worth noting that Ridgeway Clocks was purchased by Howard Miller Clocks about 8 years ago, and while Ridgeway grandfather clocks still bear their brand name with pride, they are in reality not only a division of Howard Miller Clocks, but also essentially identical to Howard Miller grandfather clocks with comparable movements and features, and are effectively other models built by the same company, using the same German made movements, with the cases made in the same locations.

All the major high-end clockmakers currently use German made movements, and are frequently thought of as German grandfather clocks, even when the makers are American companies.  Kieninger grandfather clcoks can be considered German through and through.  Yet it is worth noting that Kieninger Clocks was purchased by Howard Miller Clocks about 7 or 8 years ago.  Howard Miller Clocks and Ridgeway clocks that have mechanical movements inside have those that are made by Kieninger.  Bulova Clocks took over the Sligh grandfather clocks brand designs several years ago.  Bulova clocks uses German Hermle made movements in its grandfather clocks.

There are other companies worthy of note whose brands we do not currently carry, but are of high quality, including Hentschel Clocks and Comiti of London.

Stay tuned for further grandfather clocks brand developments over time.

Grandfather Floor Clock

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

We have of course heard of many people talk of and ask for Floor Clocks and Grandfather Clocks, but we are noticing a new trend with individuals using the term Grandfather Floor Clocks.  Have you heard that term before?  Perhaps it has appeared in some advertising or Home Improvement or architectural digest or house beautiful or home and garden type of publication or media of late.

Grandfather clocks are by definition floor clocks, or free standing clocks with that familiar rectangular shape with the mechanical kind housing a pendulum and being weight-driven by 1-3 weights, depending upon whether it is time only, time and strike, or time and strike and chiming.  Most of us know this very general definition of grandfather clocks or floor clocks.

Howard Miller Clocks in particular have popularized the term Floor Clocks.   Hermle Clocks too with their grandfather clocks frequently being referred to as Floor Clocks.  It kind of reminds us of radio controlled clocks being used interchangeably with atomic clocks by many manufacturers.  But we have yet to hear of an atomic radio controlled clock, or radio-controlled atomic clocks for that matter.

It seems the terms have simply blended together — floor clocks and grandfather clocks being referred to as grandfather floor clocks.  Not exactly a parallel with mantel clocks and mantle clocks, nor with grandfather clocks and tallcase clocks and longcase clocks, but nonetheless interesting horological linguistic distinction brought about by differences and changes in time and within and between cultures.

Anyone out there heard of a Grandmother Floor Clock?  We expect we will be asked about one some time very soon.

Grandfather Clocks are Floor Clocks

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Have you ever been confused by the terms grandfather clocks and floor clocks?  Have you ever even heard of the term floor clock?  Thought of a grandmother clock as a floor clock? well, they really are all different forms of and names for  grandfather clocks clocks.

The single biggest distinction between grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks is their height.  We tend to say any grandfather clock below 80 inches or so could be considered a grandmother clock.  They may, or may not, look more demure or petite as well. It’s worth noting that experts in clocks will have differences of opinions on this subject.  Get ten clocks experts in a room to discuss this, and you may well get a dozen different opinions.

What about Floor Clocks and Grandfather Clocks? Those two terms are used essentially synonymously, with the term Floor Clock in particular being used by clock companies such as Howard Miller Clocks and Hermle Clocks.  The terms Hall Clocks, not to mention Tall case clocks and longcase clocks are also used frequently.

Remember to move your clocks time ahead one hour? DST

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Well, it’s the Sunday in Spring after the 2am morning change where we switch from Standard Time to Daylight Savings Time.  Most people remember the “Spring Forward Fall Back” mnemonic to help remember what to do when.  The writer of this Blog Post tried to go to bed an hour earlier last night to help ease into the time change of the loss of the hour’s sleep, or at least time, from our schedule as we move forward until next fall.  Just after winding all of our new and antique grandfather clocks.

The good news is that it will now be lighter, with natural sunshine across the USA, later in the day.  And theoretically at least, we as a country are supposed to use less energy as a result of the extra amount of sunshine, balanced with the mornings being naturally brighter as we move from Winter to Spring. Not sure this has ever been proven in any definitive study, but the basic theory is sound.

Over the years, the US Congress has switched the dates as to when Daylight Savings Time (DST) and Standard Tine (ST) start and stop.  Aside from being time and tempo aficionados, you may wonder how or why we are so keenly aware of this change when it is made by the Government?  Well, one reason is that we sell some clocks which have what is know as an Autoset mechanism.  What this feature does, is automatically move the time forward one hour during the spring at the designated day, and the time backwards one hour on the designated day in the winter.  Sounds straightforward!  Sounds great for our customers too!  But what happens when Congress decides to fiddle with the actual dates when these time changes take place.  Well, this happened just a couple of  years ago, and boy did that cause problems for our customers and us.  All of the sudden, their clocks were changing time forwards and backwards on the wrong days!!

For those customers with the forethought to contact us, we were able to either send replacement movements or completely new clocks which had the NEW correct time and hour and DATE coded into them as to when to make the time change.  Many clocks shoppers and customers, though, contacted us after the problem became apparent.  We were able to make all of the customers eventually satisfied by replacing their clocks with the appropriate movements or replacement wall clocks.   Most of these clocks are used in institutional organizations, such as hospitals clocks, schools clocks, or factory clocks, or corporate clocks throughout an organization.

Atomic wall clocks obviate the need for this potential problem and solutions, as they set their time EXACTLY according to the atomic time on the atomic clock in Fort Collins Colorado.  So it may take an individual clock a few hours to pick up the revised signal, but it is smart enough to make the change by itself for itself.  This is one big advantage of atomic clocks, aside from keeping absolutely incredibly accurate time.  The only downside to the atomic clock is that some may not be able to pick up the atomic signal, particularly if they are in buildings with very thick concrete walls.  This is occasionally as issue for our clocks shopping customers, and we always try to make clocks discount hunters aware of the potential downside when considering this kind of wall clocks.  Happily, in most instances, it’s not an issue or problem.

Now what about the Monday following the change in Daylight Savings Time.  As a clocks shop employee, where we sell many types of grandfather clocks, wall clocks, mantel clocks, antique clocks of all kinds, not to mention atomic clocks and Autoset Clocks, I personally dread those Monday mornings?  Why, you might ask?  Well, the reason is that most calls on Monday begin with How do I change the time on my grandfather clock, wall clocks, mantle clocks or whatever clock, new or antique.  This is true regardless whether the brand is Howard Miller Clocks, Ridgeway Clocks, Hermle Clocks, Kieninger Clocks selection, or Bulova clocks,  Antique clocks too — and an antique grandfather clcok wik have special considerations regarding what NOT to do to change the time that will not apply with a newer Howard Miller grandfather clock or one of the Ridgeway or Hermle grandfather clocks.

Maybe I will take tomorrow off  :) .  But nope, I love clocks of all kinds, and like-love most all of the clocks shoppers, whether they are always looking for discount grandfather clocks or grandfather clocks on sale.

What was that clocks vow I took — “for better or worse”,  “in sickness and in health, including changes in Daylight Savings Time”.

We at will be open tomorrow to help all of our past and present grandfather, wall, mantle, autoset, atomic, mantel, and antique clocks shoppers.

p.s. be sure not to not forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.  The semi-annual changes in time with DST are a great time to do that.  Also, you may want to look at how many years old your smoke detectors are, and whether it is time to invest in new ones which will both (hopefully) definitely work and have the latest in technology.  It could just save the lives of you and your loved ones!

Mantle Clocks and Mantel Clocks

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

When shopping for grandfather clocks, one needs to keep in mind the alternate terminology for grandfather clock, such as floor clocks, longcase clocks, tall-case clocks, grandmother clocks, and, yes, sometimes even hall clocks.

So perhaps it is not too surprising that when talking about table clocks or desktop clocks or shelf clocks, all of which can be used reasonably synonymously, there is also the term mantel clocks that is used perhaps most commonly.  Even of more interest and relevance is that the term mantel clocks is spelled just about as frequently as mantle clocks.  Both spellings are about equally popular, and are used both in North America as well as Western Europe with both spellings.  We used to think that mantle clocks was simply a more European spelling for mantel clocks, but careful study and observation suggests both clocks terms have taken hold across a wide swath of geographical locations.

Which term do you find to be most descriptive for this category of clock – table clock, desktop clock, shelf clock or mantle-mantel clock?  We like all and have just somehow assumed that the mantel-mantle clock nomenclature, which seems to be the standard according to most manufacturers of high quality clocks.  What’s your opinion?  Which term best reflects this.  Don’t forget about bracket clocks too!  The bracket clock is a term which we believe was reasonably standard in England during the 1700s and 1800s and early-mid 1900s.  Of course there was-is also the term tambour clock, also known as a Napoleon’s Hat clock, for those with that special design.  While we use the terms bracket clocks and tambour clocks frequently, especially when referring to antique clocks.  Yet we rarely hear American customers, especially those shopping for new grandfather or wall or mantel clocks use the alternate type of clock speak noted above.

And how about wall clocks?  There are gallery clocks, railroad station clocks, atomic wall clocks which are also know as radio controlled frequency clocks, not to mention the specialty wall clocks including cuckoo clocks and wall skeleton clocks.

Let us know which term for tabletop or desktop clocks most speaks to you.  Should we stick with the mantel clock and mantle clock variation, or be more bold and trendsetting in the clock industry.

Best Grandfather Clocks Wall Clocks Mantel Clocks

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Over time,  we have weighed in on the strengths, weaknesses, and commonalities of the various makers of grandfather clocks, mantle clocks and wall clocks.

Now we are asking for your opinions as to the best makers of wall clocks, mantel clocks and grandfather clocks.

Here are the categories:

GrandfatherClocks:  and Grandmother Clocks too!

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks

Hermle Grandfather Clocks

Bulova Grandfather Clocks

Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks

Kieninger Grandfather Clocks

We would encourage you in this case to supply your own criteria for rating grandfather clocks. We look forward to hearing from many floor clocks and grandfather clocks enthusiasts.

Mantle Clocks:  Mantel Clocks maker categories include –

Bulova Mantel Clocks

Howard Miller Mantel Clocks

Hermle Mantel Clocks

Ridgeway Mantel Clocks

Seth Thomas Mantel Clocks

Kieninger Mantle Clocks

Included in this category are mechanical chiming mantel clocks, quartz chiming mantle clocks, quartz time only mantel clocks, and others.  We look forward to your input!

Wall Clocks:

Wall clock categories and makers here include

Howard Miller Wall Clocks

Hermle Wall Clocks

Seth Thomas Wall Clocks

Bulova Wall Clocks

Kieninger Wall Clocks

Ridgeway Wall Clocks

Categories within here include Atomic Wall Clocks, Gallery or oversized wall clocks, mechanical chiming wall clocks, quartz chiming wall clocks, quartz rime only wall clocks, wrought iron wall clocks, decorative wall clocks, and indoor outdoor wall clocks.  We would also include combination barometers and wall clocks in this category.

What do you think?  We very much want your input, and we will figure out the best way to present the results for grandfather clocks, wall clocks, and mantel clocks.  It will be quite interesting to see how they differ from the best selling brands and types of grandfather clocks, mantle clocks, wall clocks.  Atomic clocks may be a special focus, especially because of their increasing popularity.

Top 10 Features for Grandfather Clocks Wall Clocks and more

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

As we ring in 2010, we thought we might look forward in time by looking backwards.  Sound strange?  Well, here is the thinking.  If we know what are the top 10 Features that people most want in their grandfather clocks, mantel clocks, atomic clocks, wall clocks, etc., it will help us all to offer clocks to better meed the clocks sale needs of customers everywhere.

Here is our guess at a Top 10 clocks features list.  We would love input and look forward to sharing it over time.

1.  Clocks on sale or clocks discount.   Sorry, but had to get this one out of the way, even though it may not technically be a clocks feature.  We know it’s top of mind of most consumers shopping for discount grandfather clocks and other clocks, so we thought we would get it out of the way (and remember our Low Price Guarantee!).

2. Atomic time.  Atomic clocks, formerly and still also known as radio controlled clocks, are an incredible innovation in timekeeping accuracy.  Gone are the days when workers argue about when the 5pm quitting time really begins, and gone are the days of hospital workers who may have to note the time of death (sorry on such a cheery subject, but a reality, and a good example) with no issue of accuracy.

3. Automatic night time shut-off on grandfather clocks, mantle clocks, and wall clocks.  Customers who purchase clocks with this feature have the HUGE advantage of having their clock shut off its chime automatically every night at, say, 10pm, and start up again the next morning at, say 7am.  Some customers have commented on how helpful this feature can be if they have a clock in a room in which visitors sleep over.  They have the option of turning the chime off.  Others just love it because they think or fear the sound-chimes might bother them.  it really a personal choice, but it is a great one to have.

4. Illuminated Dials.  While not new in general, this feature is reasonably new to some high-end models of grandfather clocks, most notably some Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks.  Some have illuminated interiors as well.  The big advantage is one can see both the clock’s time, and the clock and dial, even when the light is out.  It is cool!  The only downside is that the clock needs to be near an electrical outlet.  But this is a reasonably new feature many people love.

5. Ave Maria and ode to Joy Chimes.  In very recent years, the high-end clock makers have introduced movements that many times in addition to the Westminster Chimes, offer one or both of the Beethoven ode to Joy and/or Schubert Ave Maria Chimes.  While the Westminster Chimes has been the overwhelming favorite for decades, even when customers have triple chime grandfather clocks, there are many many excited customers eager to also have one or both of their Ave Maria and Ode to Joy Chimes on their Clocks.  And these have been made available not only on quartz movement mantel clocks and wall clocks, but also on some grandfather clocks as well, such as the Howard Miller Clayton Grandfather Clock Model 610-950 (610950) .  We expect this feature with these chimes to be much more popular in the coming decade.

6. Customization of clocks, especially custom or customized atomic wall clocks.  We have seen an increasing desire on the part of businesses and other organization to have atomic clocks, which were addressed above, but with dials that are customized to their needs.  While this might seem simple, many clock manufacturers have stumbled in this area.  We have been able to address this issue with some special design approaches.  And customized atomic clocks for home and office and other organizations will only increase in popularity!

7. Contemporary grandfather clocks.  Many people, and we do not agree with this thought, but nonetheless, many people think of grandfather clocks as very traditional and perhaps out of date for today’s times.  We hear this at quite frequently.  Despite the fact that we think there is nothing more beautiful than a traditional or contemporary grandfather clock, and that it adds great home decor value and should be recognized as a treasured piece of furniture, some people are “turned on” only by the contemporary grandfather clocks.  We’ve had clocks of ours of a contemporary nature featured both in TeenVogue as well as on a National NBC Home Rescue show.  Contemporary is here to stay, and will open up many new avenues and new demand.

8.  PC or computer or iPhone or Cell Telephone Clocks.  To be writing about this subject and not recognize the reality that people are seeing the time in many more ways than they ever have before, whether it be on their Apple Mac or PC or iPhone or iPod or simply a basic cell phone (and we’ll mention Google’s Droid phone here too, because we like Google).  Gone are the days of Victorian England when Parliament had to legislate Public Clocks and Pub clocks so the masses would know what time it is.  We believe that the home decor and collectible value of clocks of all types will mean that they will be in homes and offices for many generations to come.  it’s interesting that very recent studies show that with so many sources for time, clocks and watches still receive 90%+ of the views when an individual is seriously interested in knowing what time it is.

9. Clocks for Special Needs or Special Markets.  Technology is allowing clocks to be made which are leaps and bounds ahead in serving individuals with special requirements.  For those who are hard of hearing or have difficulty waking up in the morning, clocks are know available which will not only shake your bed, but they will also have varying forms of strobe lights, AND they have alarms that will knock your socks off, literally and figuratively.  For people who are vision impaired, the shaking and the piercing sounds can be an amazing blessing.  We plan to be carrying these types of clocks very soon.

10. Green clocks.  Would you believe that there is a clock on the market that literally runs on water.  And it’s an LED clock, not tied to a bucket.  We will right more about this amazing clock, and may soon carry it. And solar clocks are making headway in the market.  we expect to see a lot more.

So what do you think?  Will we soon have a solar powered atomic customizable grandfather clocks selection? Which features are most important?  What new ones should we be looking at?  PLEASE share your views with us so that we may serve you better!

NY Based 1-800-4CLOCKS & OpenHouse NYC Team Up

Monday, December 14th, 2009

1-800-4CLOCKS, which is based in New York City, is proud to have been a participant in making this Open House National NBC Television Show come to life.  The major contribution we made was the selection, donation, delivery and placement of one of the nicest contemporary grandfather clocks we sell, which is the Howard Miller Coco Grandfather Clocks Model  which can be seen just below:

Howard Miller Coco Grandfather Clock

Howard Miller Coco Grandfather Clock

Read all about it below and see where you can tune in locally in New York, as well as Nationally across the USA brought to you by NBC and LXTV.


Renowned Designer, Christopher Hyland, Teams Up with Home Improvement Guru George Oliphant, to Surprise a New Jersey Family with a Whole House Restoration Just in Time for the New Year

‘Open House-To the Rescue’ Airs on WNBC on Sunday, December 20

EMBARGOED INFORMATION FOR ONLINE/PRINT, December 14, 2009OpenHouse NYC, WNBC’s popular real estate and design series (that regularly outperforms its competition on Sunday mornings), is giving back this holiday season when the program’s home improvement guru, George Oliphant, partners with OpenHouse contributor and prominent  Manhattan-based interior designer Christopher Hyland, to create a holiday miracle for one Parsippany, NJ family.

Over 20 local and national businesses, including lead contractor Stephen Fanuka of Fanuka, Inc., will come together to give Laurie O’Hara and her family what was taken from them just under one year ago—their home. The entire re-build and restoration, from start to finish, will be featured on a special half-hour, OpenHouse– To the Rescue on Sunday, December 20 at 8:30am on WNBC in the New York region, and nationally on all NBC owned and operated stations (check local listings).

On January 24, 2009, while Laurie O’Hara, a paralegal, and her two teenage children were out shopping for a new car to replace the one that was totaled in an accident just days before, a fire started in their laundry room spreading throughout the home’s three levels. The disastrous fire destroyed all of their belongings, including priceless heirlooms, photos and memorabilia. Sadly, one of the family dogs also lost its life to injuries received in the fire. As a single mother with a son away at college and a daughter in high school, the matriarch of the household did all she could to move past the tragedy and rebuild their lives. But when it came time to renovating her home, she needed help. As such, she wrote into OpenHouse asking if they would send host George Oliphant, who lives in nearby Montclair, for a “To the Rescue” shoot. While the popular weekend real estate show did get back to her and offer help, little does she know the extent that they’re stepping in! This holiday season, OpenHouse is giving the gift of rebirth to this deserving family.

“The ‘To the Rescue’ segments are always rewarding,” commented Oliphant. “But this one in particular, really pulls at your heart strings. I can’t wait until the family sees the final product!”

The six-room raised ranch is being outfitted by Christopher Hyland with luxurious interior design elements and architectural detail. After months of work, the master bedroom will be decked out in old Hollywood glam; the kitchen will get an art deco refinishing with bright cabinetry; her son, who is an avid hockey player, will have a room decked out with official NHL paraphernalia and Catskill-style stick furniture; her daughter’s room will incorporate her love of cheerleading with a country Swedish aesthetic; and every room will be wallpapered with varying grass cloth to add opulence, texture and environmental sensitivity. Thanks to OpenHouse, they’ll be able to celebrate the New Year with a fresh start, in home that has been completely transformed by Oliphant and Hyland.

Hyland added: “This modern and comfortable design scheme can be at home in any upscale setting – from the existing suburban location, to Park Avenue or a beachside vacation community.”

About LX.TV

Emmy Award-winning LX.TV was founded in 2006 and purchased by NBC’s Local Media Division in January 2008. LX.TV produces high-quality original content accessible on multiple platforms from on-air to online to out-of-home. LX.TV’s original programming includes “1ST LOOK,” which runs in all of NBC’s Local Media markets and “OPENHOUSE,” which currently runs on all NBC owned and operated stations, in syndication and on cable. LX.TV also produces special series and programs including the wedding series, “I Do,” and the documentary series, “My First Time” and the home improvement program, “George To The Rescue.”   LX.TV is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NBC Local Media.

Media Contacts:

Bonita Lynch / Stephanie Baumoel at FerenComm for LX.TV


E.J. Dent Clocks and Pocket Watches Think Big Ben

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

Dent and Company is perhaps best known for designing the Tower Clock in England’s Houses of Parliament, that has become known over the years as Big Ben (which is actually the name of the Bell in the Clock Tower).

Dent also made bracket clocks and wall clocks, though we see very few of them for sale.  Antique Grandfather Clocks by Dent also no doubt exist, though we believe they are quite rare as we can’t remember the last time we saw an original of  Dent Grandfather Clocks.

Pocket Watches by Dent are of extraordinarily high quality and were made in some large numbers.  The Dent family spanned several generations in clocks and pocket watch making.

The history of Dent & Co. spans three centuries of precision watch and clock making in Great Britain. Established in 1814 by (the very first) Edward J. Dent, the company embraced the Victorian fervor for technological innovation and created precision chronometers to navigate the Royal Navy and guide some of the most intrepid explorers on their voyages. The British Empire was in full expansion and its maritime tradition had produced some remarkable technological breakthroughs from the late 18th century; John Harrison’s triumphant mechanical solution in 1764 to locate a ship’s position at sea won the coveted Board of Longitudes prize money and further consolidated Britain as the horological force in the world.  Propelling the impetus of Britain’s primacy, Dent proved a key player in Victorian horological history manufacturing the Standard Clock at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich which was to keep “Greenwich Mean Time”  the time to which all others in the Empire were referred, (better known today as G.M.T.) and continued to do so until replaced by an electronic clock in 1946.  Dent also made probably the most famous clock in the world – the Great Clock for the Houses of Parliament, familiarly known as Big Ben.

A Chronology of Dent Family Business Premises – all locations are in London, England

1826   E.J.Dent, 43 King Street, Long Acre

1830   Arnold & Dent, 84 Strand

1840   Edward J. Dent, 82 Strand

1843   Edward J. Dent, 82 Strand & 33 Cockspur Street

1847   Edward J. Dent, 82 Strand & 33 Cockspur Street & 34 Royal Exchange

1851   Edward J. Dent, 61 Strand & 33 Cockspur Street & 34 Royal Exchange

1853  Frederick Dent, 61 Strand & 34 Royal Exchange

1853   Richard Edward Dent, 33 Cockspur Street

1856   Frederick Dent, 61 Strand, 34 & 35 Royal Exchange

1857   M. F. Dent, 33 Cockspur Street

1861   Dent & Co, 61 Strand, 34 & 35 Royal Exchange

1861   M. F. Dent, 33 & 34 Cockspur Street

1864   E. Dent & Co, 61 Strand, 34 & 35 Royal Exchange

1886   E. Dent & Co, 61 Strand, & 4 Royal Exchange

1897  E. Dent & Co Ltd, 61 Strand, & 4 Royal Exchange

1904   M. F. Dent, 34 Cockspur Street

1920   E.  Dent & Co Ltd (consolidation M. F. Dent), 61 Strand, 4 Royal Exchange & 34 Cockspur Street

1921   E. Dent & Co Ltd, 61 Strand, 4 Royal Exchange & 28 Cockspur Street

1936   E. Dent & Co Ltd, 41 Pall Mall & 4 Royal Exchange

1941 – 1977   E. Dent & Co Ltd, 41 Pall Mall

Dent & Co. also acquired a range of titles and appointments. They include:

Makers to and holders of Royal Warrants from Her Majesty Queen Victoria and H.R.H. Albert, Prince of Wales, His Majesty King Edward VI, His Majesty King George V,  Her Majesty Queen Mary, His Majesty Tsar Alexander III, His Majesty Tsar Nicolas II Emperors of Russia and His Majesty Emperor Mejii of Japan.  Makers to the Courts and Governments of France, Austria, Italy, Russia, Germany, Spain, the United States, Japan and no doubt many others.

Grandmother Clocks

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Grandfather Clocks and Grandmother Clocks — do you carry both?  What is the difference?  Why in your clocks store do you list some grandfather clocks as both a grandfather clock and a grandmother clock?  Can a big long wall clock be considered a grandmother clock, or does it need to be freestanding?  The above are questions we get every day and there is a lot of confusion about the similarities and differences between grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks.

Adding to the confusion, our experience is that if you have ten grandfather clocks  experts in a room to clarify the distinctions defining a grandfather clocks and a grandmother clock, you may get 15-20 different opinions.  There is absolutely no universal agreement on a definition of what defines a grandmother clock vs. a grandfather clock.  Nevertheless, we will share here our perspective on the differences between the two kinds of these floor clocks.

First, grandmother clocks and grandfather clocks are both Floor Clocks.  They must be freestanding, and while they may be adjacent to a wall, or even anchored to a wall for protection against tipping over (a critical baby-proofing and “young-kind proofing” necessity in our view), they stand up on their own base, which is the bottom of the clock.

The height of the floor clock is by far the single most distinguishing and defining characteristic and criterion for whether any clock is a grandmother clock or a grandfather clock.  We use a height of 80 inches (sometimes up to 82 inches depending upon the style of the floor clock) as the very rough guideline and dividing line below which a clock may be called a grandmother clock.

Floor clocks that in our view are “short enough” to be considered or classified as grandmother clocks are still included on our own website with the descriptive term grandfather clock.  While we recognize this confuses some or our grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks shopping customers, and we get calls about it from time to time from people who are confused, we do not want to make the presentation of clocks more confusing by listing the same EXACT clock as BOTH a grandmother clock and a grandfather clock.

Howard Miller Clocks offers the biggest selection of grandfather clocks that quality for both of these clocks categories.  We offer great discounts on these clocks, as we do for all the high-end discount grandmother clocks and grandfather clocks on sale.

We hope this adds value and to the knowledge base of discount grandfather clocks and those looking for grandmother clocks on sale, and deciding between the two types of floor clocks.