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Incorporating Clocks into a Funky Design

There is a misconception out there that clocks belong in the homes of those that have leanings towards the conservative and the traditional. When most of us think of a grandfather clock or a hanging wall clock we think of them ensconced among high end design, rich tapestries, and grand décor. This was the image I always had in my head, anyway, and so when it came to decorating my home, I didn’t think to look for any clocks to round out my design plans.

I have what you would call an eclectic design style. I like great pieces and it matters not to me if they do or do not match. In fact, my favorite thing to do in terms of décor is to pull a variety of really great pieces together in a way that brings balance to a room. I like fun and flashy colors – no neutrals for me – and unusual fabrics and materials. The more nooks and crannies a piece has the more I am inclined to like it and bring it home with me.

I found this really great shelving unit at a garage sale and I stripped it down and repainted it; now it just looks amazing in between my two front windows. Then the fun became finding those things that would look spectacular highlighted on the shelf. And that’s when I found my mantel clock.

I love the sound of ticking clocks. There’s something really soothing about it. So when I went into my friend’s house a few weeks ago, I was immediately drawn to the tick-tock of a wall clock she had hung in her family room. But – wait – this was not the traditional wood wall clock that I would expect in such a room; it was this completely fun wall clock in distressed wood with big funky numbers. I immediately asked where my friend had purchased such a gem and she pointed me to an online supplier where I found the best selection of clocks. Some traditional but also many contemporary and fun designs.

Which is where I found the mantel clock that now graces my shelf – affordable, functional, and just my style!

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