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Inventory Your Clocks This Spring

Spring is a time of reinvention – a time when anything is possible. With the coming of a new season and the lifting of the cold air that has blanketed most of our homes, we become reawakened with the thought of being able to get outside and enjoy milder weather. Spring seems to mark a time for home improvements for exactly this reason; it is a chance to have a fresh start. When it comes to home décor it may be time to take an inventory of what is working in the home and what is not; and what may make a great new addition to a room. When it comes to clocks, people underestimate the perfect combination of form and function that these pieces can bring to a room – and a home.

This spring take a walk around your home and make sure that there is at least one clock in each of your rooms. While most of us have a digital clock on our microwaves and television sets, they pale in comparison to the elegance and sophistication offered by more traditional clocks such as wall clocks, mantel clocks, atomic clocks, and even grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks.

An addition of a mantel clock atop a fireplace can offer family members and visitors a quick way to tell the time, surely; but it will also frame a fireplace and infuse a special sophistication to the room. A wall clock can be glanced at as busy family members rush to get out the door for work and school; but its gentle tick-tock will also become ingrained in the sound of the home. The grandfather clock in the formal living room anchors a corner and really lends a statuesque air of sophistication; but its melody will also always remind children of home.

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