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A clock shopper’s view of a large wall clock can be anything from what we at think of as a Gallery Clock, generally defined as a clock over 15 inches in diameter, and also sometimes referred to as an oversize wall clock.  Some customer shopping for a grandfather clock sometimes refer to it as a grandfather wall clock, even though they have very different clock definitions.  Whether the customer is actually searching for a grandfather or grandmother clock, or an atomic clock, a cuckoo clock or a regular or oversize large gallery wall clock, we have a great selection and like to think we offer the best combination of savings, selection and customer service.

We carry only the brands of wall clocks and grandfather clock selection that we consider to be high end and great value for money spent on a clock.  Some of our most popular brands for oversize gallery large wall clocks include Howard Miller Clocks, Ridgeway Clocks, Infinity Instruments, Hermle Clocks, LaCrosse Technologies Clocks and weather stations, Kieninger Clocks, as well as our soon to be our very own more formally introduced line of GiganticClocks™ with large LED numbers in red, with some models in blue, that are both visible from great distances as well as being clearly visible throughout the night and day, even in a pitch black room.  Some of the GiganticClocks™ will also have some variations of the day of week, date, AM and PM indicators, temperature inside and outside, alarms, countdown clocks and even some of the models coming with remote controls.  These large wall clocks will change the market, and will be especially valuable for people who either have vision issues, or want to be reminded or have easy reference to the say of week and date and such.

Right now probably the single most selection of large wall clocks is made by Howard Miller Clocks and can be seen by looking at this link on Large Wall Clocks.  Ridgeway Clocks has some gallery wall clocks, and Infinity Instruments has some more decorative and traditional wall and atomic or radio-controlled wall clocks.  Same with Lacrosse Technologies Clocks, Hermle Clocks, our own Gigantic LED Clocks, and the wonderfully different Rhythm Clocks musical motion and small world clocks, which add a dimension to novelty clocks that has never truly been matched.

Antique Gallery Clocks and oversize large antique wall clocks are also definitely worth a look.  Antique clocks will tend to cost a lot more for the same functionality, but if chosen right, paid a reasonable amount for, and one has an understanding of both the potential pitfalls as well as the relative strengths and weaknesses of new vs antique clocks, they definitely in certain instances can be a viable alternative to new wall clocks.   Some of the main factors to consider in purchasing an antique wall clock are authenticity, whether the wall clock movement and case and dial are all original to one another, its timekeeping ability, whether the tick is too loud, if there are antique clock repair and service people nearby, and whether the features meet your needs as is.

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