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Mantel Clocks Set a Room Apart

Mantel clocks – as their name suggests – are often seen on the mantels above fireplaces; decorative elements that can frame a fireplace of any style – traditional or contemporary. But because mantel clocks are portable, they can be used in a variety of rooms and in a variety of locations. The uniting factor no matter where mantel clocks are used is the fact that they have the ability to set the tone of a room and really draw attention to the design elements – giving the room, and the home in which that room is, cohesiveness.

The next time you are looking for options on where to use mantel clocks, give the following locations some thought:

*A bookshelf in a study or library. Bookshelves are beautiful pieces of furniture that can really add elegance to any room. For those of us lucky enough to have libraries under our roofs, we look for different methods by which to decorate those rooms with style and sophistication. A well chosen mantel clock – in the decorative style of the room itself – can give the eye a focal point when entering a home library or study.

*An occasional table in a family room. Many of us often buy furniture pieces to place within our family rooms as a way to give the rooms some decorative flow. A mantel clock set atop an antique table or a sleek wood telephone table can add some punch to the décor.

*A shelf in a kitchen. A mantel clock – while traditionally seen in family and living rooms – can also round out the design of a kitchen, especially those mantel clocks with brighter colors and more casual designs.

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