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Missing Something Special Without Clocks

Did you ever look around a home – a space that was decorated beautifully and utilized all the latest and greatest designs and styles – and still think that there was something missing. More times than not, the sense that something is missing is something that you can’t quite identify – on which you can’t put your finger but a void that leaves the entirety of the décor lacking in some capacity.

In very many cases the missing ingredient is the homeowner’s personality. They may be following the letter of the law with regard to home design – infusing their space with all the most up to date trends – but they are doing so at the cost of their own personal style. When a home has been decorated according to what someone else thinks is popular rather than according to the homeowner’s own sense of style, the heart of the home goes missing; and along with it the warmth and vitality that home décor needs in order to truly sparkle.

Too often we put what we know to be important to us in terms of style to the wayside in favor of something that may be trendy or popular in the world of home décor. And ultimately what this choice winds up doing is backfiring on us in terms of creating a space that is our own. Clocks, for example, may be something that were once used for both functionality and home décor; but today as most people simply turn to their cell phones and computers for the time, the need for a clock in the home is not necessary. Unfortunately, many people have subsequently given up on clocks in terms of home décor as well; a decision that often leaves a void in home decorating.

Utilizing clocks through the home for functional pieces, as well as decorative elements, is a great way to infuse home décor with style and personality. Don’t give up on the clock; especially today when there are so many wonderful designs and styles from which to choose.

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