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Perhaps you have heard about our newest line of Museum Grandfather Clocks™, which aim to bring you not only some of the most stylish grandfather clock reproductions of great clocks, but also the highest quality grandfather clocks.  Grandmother clocks too!  We are the ones who also introduced to the market Grandson Clocks™.

Well, we are also contemplating the introduction of Museum Wall Clocks™ with Museum Mantel Clocks™.  We are very interested in getting input from our thousands of loyal customers at, as well as any clock enthusiast, about what specific styles of wall clocks and mantel clocks would be most appealing.  We would not rule out making designs similar to those existing brands like Howard Miller Mantle Clocks or Ridgeway Wall Clocks. After all, many of their designs and styles, which is true for Hermle Clocks, and was definitely true for Sligh Grandfather Clocks and Bulova Floor Clocks as well.

We would also be excited about making reproductions of some of the finest timepieces ever made, and we would make certain they are of super-high-quality, but we would also make certain that the price would be a tiny tiny fraction of what the original antique wall clock or antique mantel clock would cause.  We would choose what we refer to as Winder Timepieces, and where the original antiques would almost certainly be sold for $50,000 or more because of their complexity in addition to their desirability.

What’s your opinion about mantel clocks and wall clocks of this type?  If these wall clocks and mantel clocks were made to the highest standards, might you consider buying one of them instead of a Howard Miller or a Hermle mantel clock or wall clock? Would a “newer brand” scare you off?  We will showcase some designs, minimally in a showroom on our website, so clock enthusiasts like yourself can give more informed feedback.

Any wall clocks, mantel clocks and grandfather clocks suggestions are appreciated every time.

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