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When we first introduced our Museum Clocks collection™ several years ago, we were clear that while our longer-term goal is to provide Museum Wall Clocks™ and Museum Mantel Clocks™, our first major effort would be in the grandfather clocks market.  While we have successfully offered Museum Mantel Clocks™ and Museum Wall Clocks™, our clock thrust was and is going to be with Floor Clocks and grandfather Clocks.

Within the next month, we will be presenting over 20 models of Museum Grandfather Clocks, which we think will take the grandfather clock shopping market by storm. The quality is amazing, with solid wood throughout, except where noted where special veneers or inlay have been added for additional fine craftsmanship.

What do you, the wall clocks and mantel clocks shoppers want?  Do you want walls clocks or mantel clock reproductions of incredibly complicated movements, such as a Congreve Clock or Astrolabium, or would you rather have a great reproduction of the more classic and well known clock designs sold by other manufacturers such as Howard Miller Clocks, Hermle Clocks, and Bulova Clocks.  If you see a clock you think may be a great addition to our line, we would love to hear from you.  What about a rolling ball clock, or a swinging pendulum clock, with the pendulum swinging out front, instead of those more commonly offered today.

Would you want a reproduction of an amazing 1700s mechanical wall clock with many features including, say, chimes and a moonphase, or a more classic reproduction, which could also be a skeleton clock, which would look good, sound great, yet not be what we term a wonder timepieces.

Classic Antique English Double Fusee Drop Down Wall Clock 8 Day Movement with visible pendulum

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