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No, a body clock is not some newfangled clock that you wear either in or on or applied to your body — although all are interesting ideas — but rather getting your human body’s actual peak and good performance aligned with one’s sleeping patterns.  We are talking about your body clock and your circadian rhythm.

This is a subject critical to all people in their daily lives.  It is especially important when there are changes in time, like this past weekend’s Daylight’s Savings Time change,or for people who travel through different time zones  such as business executives, holiday travelers, and sports teams.  As an example of its importance, some professional sports teams (NFL, MBA, NBA) even hire physicians to help counsel and adjust the sleeping patterns of their players.  If one thinks about the recent Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, an athlete’s biorhythm, or internal human clock, can be greatly affected if they don’t plan and train accordingly.  Sleeping patterns will matter a lot.  Presumably, melatonin, in addition to whatever doctor’s may prescribe to help an athlete’s body clock, would make a substantial difference in dealing with one’s body clock and adjustment to time.

Exercise is probably amongst the best remedies, but alone will be unlikely to make much of a difference to one’s body clocks.

And do not forget, Standard Time returns November 7.  Have your calendars and clocks and watches by your side.

Did Your Remember this DST change, or were you late for work or school this morning?

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