September 2010

Atomic Wall Clocks More Accurate

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If you know atomic clocks, also frequently referred to as radio controlled clocks (or RC clocks), you know that they are known for being accurate to a billionth of a second every year.  The atomic clock signal is sent from the Atomic Clock in Fort Collins, Colorado. Well, believe it or not, they are now enabled [...]

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August 2010

Clocks Shop Atomic Wall Mantle Clocks

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No matter what type of clocks you are looking for, you likely will be able to find them at  All types of both new and antique clocks are being offered, including grandfather clocks, mantle clocks, wall clocks and atomic clocks.  We always attempt to offer both the greatest selections and savings on all the clocks [...]

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March 2010

Optimize your Body Clocks

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No, a body clock is not some newfangled clock that you wear either in or on or applied to your body -- although all are interesting ideas -- but rather getting your human body's actual peak and good performance aligned with one's sleeping patterns.  We are talking about your body clock and your circadian rhythm. This [...]

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Mantle Clocks and Mantel Clocks

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When shopping for grandfather clocks, one needs to keep in mind the alternate terminology for grandfather clock, such as floor clocks, longcase clocks, tall-case clocks, grandmother clocks, and, yes, sometimes even hall clocks. So perhaps it is not too surprising that when talking about table clocks or desktop clocks or shelf clocks, all of which can [...]

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October 2009

Clocks Story

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Earlier today, I was reading a highly regarded periodical which happened to address the subject of the future of the laptop, pc, Mac, Netbooks, and handhelds in general, and the perception of an inevitable march towards a continuous convergence to handheld devices for all of ones communication and computing needs. Not that this is a radical [...]

August 2009

Clocks for Clunkers Grandfather Clock Wall Clocks Mantel

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We at are ready to DEAL! As the state of the USA Governments somewhat controversial Cars Allowance Rebate Program (CARS) Cash for Clunkers Program (which we think is great!) is in a state of uncertainty, we wanted to let the world know that we will be willing to accept Clunkers for Clocks or Clocks for [...]

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January 2009

A day in the life of your average clocks or watches

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A wall clock in one's office is, studies have shown, looked at an average of 30-50 times a day.  A watch on one's wrist, also known as a wristwatch, probably looked at a similar number of times.  A clock on one's computer is certainly noticed, but at least current adult creatures of habit still look at [...]

October 2008

One Clock at a Time, Part II

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Surely I am no different than a great number of people out there that do their best to decorate their homes within their budget. But as I related in my last post, I had fallen into a bad pattern of simply filling my home with things for which I really had no deep and abiding love; [...]

One Clock at a Time, Part I

By | 2008-10-23T18:16:54+00:00 October 23rd, 2008|

I have culled any knowledge that I have about decorating (which is fairly little I am humbled to report) from the many hours of home decorating television shows that I have become addicted to over the years. If there is a show about cleaning up, cleaning out, revamping, and remodeling I am there with mental notebook [...]

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Loving My Clock

By | 2008-10-09T21:25:51+00:00 October 9th, 2008|

I am a picky person. I would say finicky actually but my friends will say that I am straight up picky; that nothing really satisfies me and that it has to be just the right thing for me to really like something. I guess I agree with them; especially when it comes to decorating my house. [...]