March 2016

BREAKING NEWS – Newly Discovered Medical Proof – Heart Attacks & Daylight Savings Time

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - underlying factor causing the heart attacks is NOT the hour lost vs. hour gained, but rather the stress and strain put on individuals as they have to change all of their clocks and electronic gadgets Most people know that Daylight Savings Time (DST) was first introduced in the USA in 1918 as [...]

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September 2010

Atomic Wall Clocks More Accurate

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If you know atomic clocks, also frequently referred to as radio controlled clocks (or RC clocks), you know that they are known for being accurate to a billionth of a second every year.  The atomic clock signal is sent from the Atomic Clock in Fort Collins, Colorado. Well, believe it or not, they are now enabled [...]

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August 2010

Clocks Shop Atomic Wall Mantle Clocks

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No matter what type of clocks you are looking for, you likely will be able to find them at  All types of both new and antique clocks are being offered, including grandfather clocks, mantle clocks, wall clocks and atomic clocks.  We always attempt to offer both the greatest selections and savings on all the clocks [...]

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March 2010

Optimize your Body Clocks

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No, a body clock is not some newfangled clock that you wear either in or on or applied to your body -- although all are interesting ideas -- but rather getting your human body's actual peak and good performance aligned with one's sleeping patterns.  We are talking about your body clock and your circadian rhythm. This [...]

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October 2009

Clocks Story

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Earlier today, I was reading a highly regarded periodical which happened to address the subject of the future of the laptop, pc, Mac, Netbooks, and handhelds in general, and the perception of an inevitable march towards a continuous convergence to handheld devices for all of ones communication and computing needs. Not that this is a radical [...]

October 2008

Looking at Clocks from a Different Angle, Part I

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Do you know when you have a certain image of something in your head? Perhaps you have only talked to a person on the phone or through online communication and you conjure up an image of what they look like; and then when you meet them you are completely thrown off because they look nothing like [...]

Clocks: Affordable Decorating

By | 2008-10-27T21:00:14+00:00 October 27th, 2008|

With the economy putting financial strain on so many of us, we have had to make compromises in many areas of our life. While home decorating may seem like the last thing on anyone’s priority list right now, it is still a consideration regardless of the economy; making our home a comfortable place for ourselves and [...]

Clocks: Exposing the Myth

By | 2008-10-26T23:01:16+00:00 October 26th, 2008|

Remember that person you were hopelessly in love with in high school (well generally speaking most people were in love with this person in this particular scenario) but that you felt to be out of your league? You couldn’t imagine that they even knew you existed at all. I remember feeling that way about a boy [...]

Clocks that Fit In This House & Next

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Moving can be an expensive prospect. I recently made a big move myself and was alarmed with how quickly we went over the initial budget that we had put in place. There are costs here, and costs there – everything added up before knew it and we were facing much more in terms of moving expenses [...]

Great Clocks – Great Convenience, Part II

By | 2008-10-16T02:47:47+00:00 October 16th, 2008|

In the last post, we looked at the impact the Internet has had on all of our lives. The convenience it has afforded us has allowed us to do everything from shop to work online and most of us have become so dependent on its conveniences that we are often hard pressed to find another option. [...]

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