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April 2011

Grandfather Clock Blog

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At, we aim to bring you information about all types of clocks, from new and antique tower clocks to street clocks, to floor clocks and grandmother and grandfather clocks, to mantel clocks of all types, including antique mantle clocks, to wall clocks and regulators, including weight driven clocks and keywound chime wall and mantel clocks.  [...]

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January 2010

Top 10 Features for Grandfather Clocks Wall Clocks and more

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As we ring in 2010, we thought we might look forward in time by looking backwards.  Sound strange?  Well, here is the thinking.  If we know what are the top 10 Features that people most want in their grandfather clocks, mantel clocks, atomic clocks, wall clocks, etc., it will help us all to offer clocks to [...]

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November 2009

Grandmother Clocks

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Grandfather Clocks and Grandmother Clocks -- do you carry both?  What is the difference?  Why in your clocks store do you list some grandfather clocks as both a grandfather clock and a grandmother clock?  Can a big long wall clock be considered a grandmother clock, or does it need to be freestanding?  The above are questions [...]

GrandfatherClocks for Sale

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GrandfatherClocks for Sale? We are all used to seeing For Sale signs for just about everything, including Grandfather Clocks.  But how one presents the item for sale, whether it is a house, an apartment for sale, an automobile, or one of any of a number of homer decor or interior decoration items, how it is presented [...]

September 2009

Grandfather Clocks Wall Clocks Mantel Clocks Features

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Recent years have been accompanied by the incorporation of new features and technologies into mechanical grandfather clocks, mechanical mantle clocks, as well as keywound wall clocks.  Some of these same, and additional features, have also been included in the quartz of battery driven versions of wall clocks, mantel clocks, and grandfather and grandmother clocks. Not all [...]