April 2011

Weight Driven Clocks Diagram

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Explaining to prospective clock customers, whether it is a shopper for a grandfather clock, or a wall clock, or a mantel clock, understanding the differences between weight-driven grandfather clocks and wall clocks in particular is critical to truly understanding clocks mechanisms, and being able to tell better quality clocks from more run of the mill clocks, [...]

Grandfather Clock Blog

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At, we aim to bring you information about all types of clocks, from new and antique tower clocks to street clocks, to floor clocks and grandmother and grandfather clocks, to mantel clocks of all types, including antique mantle clocks, to wall clocks and regulators, including weight driven clocks and keywound chime wall and mantel clocks.  [...]

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What your clock collection says about you

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We at have many serious clock collectors as customers.  The most serious collectors of clocks tend to be grandfather clock collectors, but we also have many serious wall clocks and mantel clocks collectors as well.  Many have themed clock collections, such as those from the Black Forest of Germany, or say, miniature grandfather clocks or [...]

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March 2011

Wall Clocks Howard Miller

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Mechanical and quartz wall clocks, whether made by Howard Miller Clocks or some of the many other wall clock manufacturers out there, like Hermle Clocks, Ridgeway Clock company, Bulova Clocks, Seth Thomas or others, offer many choice of wall clock style, functionality, chime whether mechanical or quarts or perhaps simply silent, material types, and decor choices, [...]

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February 2011

Clockwatchers and The Clock

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A new 24 hour long movie about clocks was recently released, and is playing at the Paula Cooper Gallery in New York City thru February 19th.  Conceived and orchestrated by the pioneer turntablist Christian Marclay, it is a movie that New York Magazine says ought to be placed on permanent mesmerizing view at one of the [...]

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January 2011

Grandfather Clock for a Marriage

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What an interesting phone call we received today from a customer looking to have her circa 1800 grandfather clock repaired.  Toward the end of our discussion, this woman mentioned that this longcase clock with a rich history was actually a Marriage Grandfather Clock. Now we have heard of and seen many of our customers give grandfather [...]

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December 2010

Grandfather Clocks Exhibit

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The history of grandfather clocks is as fascinating as it is diverse.  The grandfather clock, first introduced in circa 1630-1650 depending upon how exactly one defines the birth of the grandfather clock, evolved differently in different countries, and have the craftsmanship, expertise, creativity, and environmental factors and ingenuity all play into how these freestanding floor clocks [...]

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Grandfather Clocks Come and Go

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As this blog post is being written, the evolution and revolution in grandfather clock makers and grandfather clocks brands continues.  We are selling out the very last of our Bulova Grandfather Clocks.  Bulova entered the great grandfather clock market with a bang when they took over and introduced the grandmother and grandfather clock designs that had [...]

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November 2010

Clocks Keep Us on Time If

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Well another Daylight Savings Time season has come and gone this past weekend, and hopefully most of us have adjusted our grandfather clocks, wall clocks, mantel clocks, wristwatches, microwave ovens and DVR and VCRs and Cable boxes etc.  The list goes on and on.   This year, apparently, iPhone users who had not been keeping up with [...]

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October 2010

Father Time Grandfather Clocks

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Father Time ranks up there with Mother Nature as an iconic image with much imagery and emotion surrounding each term.  Father Time and grandfather clocks have always gone together in the mind of this writer when thinking about time and tempo One of the more interesting antique grandfather clocks we have is actually a roughly 5 [...]