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May 2011

Antique English Grandfather Clocks

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When when this back in time in olden days gone by, much of the earliest grandfather clock history took place in Merry Old England.  Although the grandfather clock was then known as a longcase clock or tall case clock, the clock design was unmistakable.  A weight driven floor clock in a free-standing wooden case with a [...]

November 2009

E.J. Dent Clocks and Pocket Watches Think Big Ben

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Dent and Company is perhaps best known for designing the Tower Clock in England's Houses of Parliament, that has become known over the years as Big Ben (which is actually the name of the Bell in the Clock Tower). Dent also made bracket clocks and wall clocks, though we see very few of them for sale.  [...]

October 2009

Clocks Story

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Earlier today, I was reading a highly regarded periodical which happened to address the subject of the future of the laptop, pc, Mac, Netbooks, and handhelds in general, and the perception of an inevitable march towards a continuous convergence to handheld devices for all of ones communication and computing needs. Not that this is a radical [...]