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July 2010

Wall Clocks Hospitals Universities

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Wall clocks in hospitals large and small, as well as in colleges and universities, along with all major businesses, have a continuing need for wall clocks.  It can be especially important to have clocks that keep good time and do not break down, so that hospital workers and office individuals are not disagreeing about whether the [...]

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November 2009

Discount Grandfather Clocks

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Tis the Season for many joyous occasions, including discounts on grandfather clocks, wall clocks, mantle clocks and much more.  While plasma and high definition televisions may be high on the list of many people, as well as the latest iMacs, iPods, iPhones, we know that clocks, especially grandfather clocks, show up on peoples radar screens much [...]

September 2009

Grandfather Clocks Wall Clocks Mantel Clocks Features

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Recent years have been accompanied by the incorporation of new features and technologies into mechanical grandfather clocks, mechanical mantle clocks, as well as keywound wall clocks.  Some of these same, and additional features, have also been included in the quartz of battery driven versions of wall clocks, mantel clocks, and grandfather and grandmother clocks. Not all [...]