August 2010

Wall Clocks by Ty Pennington and Howard Miller

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Howard Miller has introduced wall clocks and oversized wall clocks designed by Ty Pennington. The wall clocks all bear Ty Pennington's signature. While most of the readers of this blog will we believe likely know who Ty Pennington is, for those of you who don't, he is a very well-respected designer (and "jack of many trades") [...]

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June 2010

Tempus Fugit Grandfather Clocks

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When is a brand not a brand?  When it is words in another language translated because they both sound and look good!  This is the case of the so-called branded Tempus Fugit Grandfather Clocks.  Tempus Fugit is Latin for the words "time flies".  Because of that, everybody and their brother whom manufactures grandfather clocks, or who [...]

April 2009

Clocks White House History Throughout Time

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We have written on our Blogs about grandfather clocks in The White House over many years, including the Oval Office, and the President's Private Office. The antique grandfather clocks have graced the White House for many generations over time.  If only the clocks could talk, what stories they would tell. Less chronicled than the White House [...]