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September 2013

January 2011

Custom Wall Clocks

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One request we at get regularly is to customize wall clocks, usually either for office clocks for corporations, for chains of retail stores, especially food outlets, and for uses in hospitals, universities and other large organizations. Purchasing managers and building construction coordinators, franchise managers, not to mention building developers and construction managers, are frequently our [...]

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June 2010

Bridal Registry

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"Hello, we would like to register for the Howard Miller Reagan Presidential Grandfather Clock at your Store.  Do you have a Bridal Registry for Grandfather Clocks, Wall Clocks and Mantel Clocks?" Yes we do have a Wedding Gifts Grandfather Clocks Bridal Gifts Registry, and it is growing increasingly popular.  Interestingly, most grandfather clock wedding [...]

Perfect Wedding Present

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When thinking about a perfect wedding present, and finding the ideal gift, especially to give to the bride and the groom, a grandfather clock has become a favorite for parents and parents-in-law to give the to the Bride and Groom to be.  It is, or certainly can be, a timely present that will be a gift [...]