A Clock Can Make all the Difference in a Bedroom

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A Clock Can Make all the Difference in a Bedroom

Homeowners that put their heart and soul into their homes, tend – across the board – to leave one room in the home to the very last in terms of renovation and décor – their bedroom. It seems as though every other room in the house takes precedence when it comes to creating an intimate, warm, stylish, and functional living space – including kids’ bedrooms. How many people do you know have homes in which even their children’s rooms are done to the nines while their bedroom remains a catch-all storage facility with literally no design or aesthetic appeal? It’s far more people than any of us would like to admit – ourselves included.

Our bedrooms are calling and they are demanding some attention. It’s time to get back in the bedroom and begin designing a space that captures our personality and all that is important to us. Of course part of this redesign very often requires paint, window treatments, flooring, and furniture. But the pieces that are placed in the room in terms of design elements are equally important. Clocks, in this capacity, can take a well designed room to the next level in terms of style and sophistication.

A beautiful wall clock hung in a dressing area can lend an air of sophistication to the space; a mantel clock that is placed on a dresser can finish the piece off in way in which you may not have thought, or a grandmother clock in a corner of a bedroom – for larger rooms – may be just the thing you need to fill the space elegantly.

Our bedroom, while it is our personal space, is also a part of our home. It is important to pay it the same attention that we do to the other rooms in the house. By adding a well chosen clock to the room’s décor, homeowners can add an elegant addition that can elevate the style of the room considerably.

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