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A Clock With 12 Frog Chimes – How Would You Like to Tell Time

Just this morning we got a call from a lady who wanted to know if she could buy a clock she had seen somewhere once before which had twelve different types of frogs pictured on each hour, and with a different frog sound chimed on each hour.  Talk about a niche clock!

But it got us thinking.  What kinds of clocks that are not readily out there would you like to see?

Here are some types of clocks we have heard a need about.  Please email us or post on this blog if you see needs or markets for other types of everyday clocks.

1. How about helping to keep close to perfect time with a full size grandfather clock with Atomic Timekeeping aside from its obvious home decor value.

2. What about alarm clocks that do not make any ticking or other sounds.

3. Clocks to wake up the sleeping dead – alarm clocks that could help even the heaviest of sleepers be sure to wake up.

4. Large digital time numeral clocks, including wall clocks, and without all the bells and whistles of temperature, day, date, month and perhaps even your horoscope.  As the general population is aging. we hear more and more about the need for clocks with larger digits. We also hear more about institutions wanting time only digital wall clocks.

5. Computer and handheld PDA and Apple iPod or cell phone clocks – many interesting ones out there.  Anything you would like to see available that has not yet hit the market?  Also, how much do people rely on these clocks anyway.

6. CLocks with photos of your special someone. or even your entire family with, say, one person’s photo on each hour.  Would you want or buy one of these?

All clocks suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

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