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Anniversaries are like the Christmas holidays and birthdays in that there are so many options for gift-giving but nothing that clearly stands above the rest. We all have those people in our lives that are difficult to buy for and for whom we struggle with the perfect gift to give whenever the occasion arises. Anniversary gifts are not for everyone; they are generally given between couples or given to those people who we are closest to in our lives. The difficulty of giving such a gift stems from the need to make it something functional yet romantic, interesting yet sentimental; there are so many things from which to choose.

Clocks are one item that many people may not automatically think of when they think of giving a gift; yet the choice of a beautiful clock for a couple that is celebrating an anniversary (or a husband or wife with whom you are celebrating an anniversary) can be a wonderfully sentimental – and yet decorative and functional – gift.

Consider a beautiful antique inspired mantel clock – reminiscent of another time – engraved at the bottom with the couple’s wedding date and a special anniversary message; a wall clock that is an exact replica of a wall clock that used to hang in the home of a grandparent, also engraved and chiming the hour in a dining room or family room; or a grandfather or grandmother clock with elaborate artwork depicting a romantic scene and perhaps chiming a particular melody that is familiar and special to the couple.

Gift giving doesn’t have to be so difficult when you think outside the box. Consider a beautiful clock as an anniversary gift for someone you love.

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