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After School Routine Clock, by Quirky Mamma

We came across this clock project which could both benefit many children and adults, and people could have fun while working on clocks to better manage their time. We would love advice on how we can apply this approach to our grandfather clocks or one of of our Howard Miller Mantel Clocks.

Take a look at this video by Quirky Momma & Kids Activities Blog, which we think was first posted on Facebook:

It is modeled after a wall clock that Quirky Momma and/or Kids Activities Blog apparently first saw in a store, and then when she could not find it, got inspired to come up with a Do It Yourself approach.

After School Routine Clock

Here’s what you need to make this after school routine clock:

Wall Clock
Permanent markers (5 colors)
Printed list of activities

Remove the back off the clock so that you can access the face.

Use the markers to color sections of time for the different activities.

Their chosen and proposed schedule is:

4-5 pm Homework Time
5-6 pm Play Time
6-7 pm Dinner Time
7-7:30 pm Bath Time
7:30-8:30 pm Bed Time

Print off your list of activities and color around each section to correspond with the colored section on the clock.

Make sure to hang your list of activities below the clock for easy access.

See the results below:

After School Routine Clock – Wall Clock – Show How we can do same with 1 of our Grandfather Clocks

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