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“Hello, we would like to register for the Howard Miller Reagan Presidential Grandfather Clock at your Store.  Do you have a Bridal Registry for Grandfather Clocks, Wall Clocks and Mantel Clocks?”

Howard Miller Reagan Grandfather Clock Model 610-999

Howard Miller Reagan Grandfather Clock Model 610-999

Yes we do have a Wedding Gifts Grandfather Clocks Bridal Gifts Registry, and it is growing increasingly popular.  Interestingly, most grandfather clock wedding gifts are given by past and reasonably current clocks customers who have seen first-hand the joy and pleasure that grandfather clocks can bring into their home.  Some of our customers have made it a practice to make a grandfather clock the ideal wedding gift for their child and child-in-law.  Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, the Hermle Grandfather Clock collection, and Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks have been the most popular selections.

At one time, we had a formal bridal registry option on our website at  At this moment, people need to call us at 1-800-4CLOCKS (1-800-425-6257) to arrange for the perfect wedding gift of a grandfather clock.  We may soon add the feature back to our website.

We also have many brides and grooms seeking special thank you gifts for the bridesmaids, groomsmen, best man, and maid of honor or matron of honor.  The most popular choices for these gifts have been Movado Clocks, Howard Miller Clocks, Seth Thomas Clocks and Ridgeway Clocks.  We are delighted to work with people to help them find the perfect gift for the perfect wedding occasion, whether it is “the wedding gift”, gifts for bridesmaids, presents for groomsmen, or a gift that the Maid of Honor or Best Man will treasure for a lifetime.

Would it be a big plus for you if we had a formal bridal registry that one could register for a grandfather clock plus online, or do you prefer ordering your time pieces like grandfather clocks the old fashioned way by telephone or stopping by?

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