Celebrating the End of 2007 and Wishing for a Better Time in 2008

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Celebrating the End of 2007 and Wishing for a Better Time in 2008

There is probably no single day of the year when clocks – whether grandfather clocks or wall clocks or mantel clocks – get more views than on New Years Eve.  The same holds true for wristwatches and other timepieces, whether tuning in on television to celebrate in cities around the country and world, or celebrating with immediate family and or a few close friends at home.

This is enough to make 1-800-4CLOCKS still relevant and shows the continued need and desirability, not to mention obsession, with the passing of time, and done so in an elegant way.

Atomic clocks, with their at least theoretical one-billionth of a second accuracy for the most accurate ones, and even computer clocks syncing with Atomic Time can supplant the need to be on the same page by watching television network broadcasts.  But a sense of a global community would still be missing and can be enhanced, at least for many, by joining the world with televised broadcasts of the exploits and celebrations in cities around the world.

Some households and parties will no doubt be celebrating around clocks they have purchased from 1-800-4CLOCKS as 2007 winds down and 2008 is welcomed in. We have seen this trend as it has been volunteered to us by some of our customers.  Whether a grandfather clock or grandmother clock, atomic or wall clock, mantel or anniversary clock, or a Rolex or Casio wristwatch, or a cell phone or iPod’s timekeeper, time will be marked by the device of your choice, whether your own or a communal resource like New York’s Times Square with its remarkable display and countdown to 2008.

Let us know if you and yours have any special stories or celebrations to share about how you rang in 2008, and whether a timepiece played a key, or even dare we say interesting, role.

This blogger has a somewhat unusual way of ringing in the New Year, which usually involves being in a movie theater (watching a movie, in case you are wondering), and not even knowing exactly when the clock is approaching, reaching, or passing midnight.

Please share your stories, and have a great time and happy and healthy year in 2008, however you mark time.

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